Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Astrology Carnival: Twenty-Eighth Edition

Welcome to the first edition of the Astrology Carnival for 2010!

Donna Cunningham sent in a great series of articles on Jupiter:
Jupiter in the 12th - When Does Good Luck Turn Bad
Why Saturn has as much to do with Luck as Jupiter
Hyperactive Jupiter Syndrome - the Down Side of an Upbeat Planet
The Law of Progressive Annoyance - Mars or Jupiter?
The Astrology of Self-Justification

Matthew Currie raises the question Can Sarah Palin See Neptune From Her House? posted at Matthew The Astrologer.

Anne Whitaker shares Jupiter conjunct Uranus: a few thoughts on the 2010/11 encounter posted at "Jupiter meets Uranus".

angelneptunestar muses about love and the asteroids in Aspects of Love posted at CYBERBORISjohnson.

Ella Moss gives us PREDICTIONS: 2010 AND BEYOND posted at Zodiac Times.

Amy Porter offers January New Moon Astrology posted at Equinaut (technically she sent in a new moon astrology article for November, but I thought I'd share the more current one instead).

susmita presents Pisces -2010 posted at Fitness & beauty care guide.

SJ writes about Virgo Love Compatibility With All Signs posted at Free Horoscopes.

Zodiac Enthusiast analyzes Aries and Cancer Horoscope Match posted at Zodiacs4u.

For the next edition of the carnival, the optional theme is Saturn in Libra. Feel free to send in any astrology-related articles, though. Also, if you have any suggestions for a theme you'd like to see, let me know.

You can submit your blog article to the next edition of the astrology carnival using the carnival submission form. You can also email me (theknowitallastrologer @ your link (make sure you mention that you want it included in the carnival) or post it in the comments below. Past posts and future editions can be found on the blog carnival index page.

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