Monday, March 03, 2008

Pluto and Chiron: My Journey


Since my Dad passed away, there has been this feeling of transformational healing and a deep peace inside me that, I must admit, did not make sense. Within the whole swirl of emotions I've been feeling, I was not expecting peace and a sense of healing to be among them. So I've been wondering what's up with this energy and decided to check my chart out to help me make sense of it.

Astrological epiphanies come at the strangest times. To the right, is my chart on the day my father passed away. Transitting Pluto in Capricorn is trining my natal Chiron in Taurus. That's a transformational healing aspect if I ever saw one (I think somewhere I've read this aspect referred to as healing power coming from a loss). I've never really felt an intuitive pull to include Chiron in my readings before. I haven't been resistant to including Chiron, but I just didn't see what other astrologers were seeing. I never really knew why before, but now I'm thinking it's because I wasn't ready to understand how Chiron was manifesting in my life. And now that I'm intensely feeling Chiron's energy, I can see how he's been working in my life more clearly now. Like, I can see that when I need to heal from something I tend to turn to writing (Chiron conjunct Mercury) and all things creative (Chiron in the 5th house). I'm sure this aha moment will lead to more lessons about Chiron, especially since Pluto will aspect it a couple more times this year.

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Lise said...

Hey Wendy, loved this post. Feel for you with the passing of your dad, big hugs to you. I have a special affinity with Chiron I think, being a bit of a maverick and having felt I experienced Chiron at a young age (Chiron conj Asc in 12th square Moon in 4th) and yeah I guess there's a feeling of being wounded at a young age and your post has sorta given me a eureka that it is important to me and I should take a greater look at it. You saying that you hadn't used it much made me realise that I've used it since the late 80s. May be I've used it more generally because I've needed to, who knows?
You've got me thinking...loved looking at your chart, love the 'wise guardians' of Pluto, Neptune and Jupiter all sitting on three of your four your angles, power there for sure. Great to see you're channelling the writing with the pressured Merc/Chiron opp Uranus sq Saturn, being such a creative position in Taurus and 5th, it NEEDS to be expressed, otherwise Uranus blows the cork! Anyways thanks for sharing. Warm wishes, Lise :^)

Starry Night Astrology said...


Sorry to hear about your Dad. The loss of a parent is always difficult to bear.

Chiron is a funny fellow. For a while there, at the tag end of my Chiron return its seems all I could do is write about Chiron, to the point where I felt he was looking over my shoulder and saying, "Here, write! I won't leave you along until you do!"

Chiron is like the bad boy who comes to party and stirs up a lot of trouble just to have a good time. True to his Centaur nature, he's just not happy until everyone is a miserable as he is, then he turns it all around and we end up laughing at ourselves. Then we wonder what all the fuss was about. Nothing is linear about this fellow, which throws the earth and water signs a curve, while the fire and air signs scratch their heads going WTF! While some people view Chiron as the healer of a wound, I tend to look at a Chiron transit as making you aware of an area of sensitivity so that you can respond more appropriately, instead of spiraling into some wounded place, when it is pinged. What a relief not to take ourselves so seriously!

As Lise said, keep writing. You so need to do it.

Ricardo said...

Yes I agree. With Chiron's energy we must feel it and experience it or we'll never understand the subtlety of it's great messages. Sorry to hear about you dad. Congratulations for your blog and thanks for sharing your own experiences with us. (

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