Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Mercury Retrograde and Mars Direct

On January 28th, Mercury began its retrograde in Aquarius. That means it's time to do all the usual Mercury Retrograde stuff like backing up computers files, avoiding signing contracts if possible, going over the fine print on everything. Move slowly, avoid multitasking, and assume everything you say will have to be repeated at least twice. Get a translator for any instructions you may need to decipher. Read those last few sentences again. And remember that this retrograde will give us an early opportunity to reassess our 2008 goals and see if we need to readjust our targets. Mercury will move forward again on February 18th.

And today (January 30th) Mars turned direct in Gemini. I actually cheered. This Mars Retrograde beat me up a little - got sick twice, low energy the rest of the time, so not fun. It's amazing how a retrograde period can show you how the energy of a planet manifests in your life, though.

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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Pluto in Capricorn

On January 25th, Pluto moved into Capricorn. Pluto will move back into Sagittarius for a little bit when it turns retrograde later on this year before he begins the full term of his sixteen year stay in Capricorn.

A Pluto transit, in the beginning, can feel like a trap door opening suddenly underneath your feet, dropping you abruptly into a world that you don't recognize and, most likely, don't want to be in. You will definitely know if Pluto is active in your chart right now. So if you're feeling lost, confused, or alone, please reach out to friends, family, therapists etc. for help if you need it.

Pluto rules the dark places of our subconscious ~ our fears, our doubts, the places that make us feel so much shame and guilt we feel we must hide them. Pluto also rules our true power, the light we must find within ourselves in order to see in the darkest part of our lives. Capricorn rules the structures of our lives, and Pluto rules where those structures draw their nourishment from. One of the lessons of this transit will be to learn how to use our true power to nourish the structures in our lives. Pluto challenges us to stop thinking about being successful in the eyes of others, and to instead ask ourselves who we truly want to be in life (the recent Mars-Pluto oppositions have brought this up as well). Pluto wants us to figure out who we are when we are stripped of all the things our egos have worked so hard to create in our lives.

A seed must grow down before it can grow up, and that is the journey Pluto takes us on. To work with a Pluto transit and get the most out of it, become curious about your fears, doubts, and dark places. Ask where they come from, and what they are trying to protect you from. A Pluto transit offers the opportunity to alchemically transmute all old beliefs, fears, ideas into new possibilities and paths.

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