Saturday, June 30, 2007

Pluto and Jupiter in Sagittarius: My Journey

July 01, 2007 chart

As I mentioned in a previous post about Jupiter in Sagittarius, I'm reading/working through the book Pronoia with a group of friends. One of the exercises in the book involves a meditation on a fire, alternating between being the fire and the wood. When I imagined being the wood, I associated it with release instead of pain. I wasn't sure why at first, because it only seems logical to think burning would be associated with pain. Then it hit me: The wood I was imagining was dead. And when I imagined being the fire, I felt free and creative. I felt like I was being fueled to do more and grow more.

This meditation really helped me to see how Jupiter and Pluto are working in my life right now. Pluto has, at times, been very much like the forest fire that some seeds need in order to open up and start growing (Pluto did, after all, transit my grand trines in the fire signs). Now, the fire is dying down and Pluto is throwing dead wood (re: old ideas, beliefs, patterns) onto the fire to prepare a clear path for Jupiter to lay down new seeds - seeds I get to choose, instead of have thrown at me. I know this sounds all vague and metaphor-y (Neptune is conjunct my ascendant so what do you expect? hee), but I'm not really sure how all this is going to show up in my life yet. It can be hard to put spiritual growth and changes into words sometimes.

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Jupiter in Sagittarius: My Journey

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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Astrology Carnival: Fourteenth Edition

Welcome to the fourteenth edition of the astrology carnival!

There are five wonderful submissions in this edition:

There's one submission for this month's carnival theme of Jupiter square Uranus: Doreen sent in Jupiter Square Uranus: And the Truth shall set you free posted at Key On Garden Door.

Phylameana gives us an article about Astrology and A New Book About Saturn posted at About Holistic Healing.

Shane shares Astrology and Spirituality posted at

Kshitij Sharma sent in two vedic astrology articles: Residential Strength - Avasiya Bala and Money Matters posted at Vedic Astrology Notes.

For the next edition of the carnival, the optional theme is Saturn in Virgo. Feel free to send in any astrology-related articles, though. Also, if you have any suggestions for a theme you'd like to see, let me know.

The fifteenth edition of this carnival will come out around July 16th. You can submit your blog article to the next edition of the astrology carnival using the carnival submission form. You can also email me (theknowitallastrologer @ your link (make sure you mention that you want it included in the carnival) or post it in the comments below. Past posts and future hosts can be found on the blog carnival index page.

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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Mercury Retrograde in Cancer

Mercury is retrograde in Cancer from June 15th until July 9th. It's time to do all the usual Mercury Retrograde stuff: backup your important computer files, try to avoid signing contracts or read thoroughly if you can't, avoid major purchases, enunciate clearly during all conversations, and be patient with your mail delivery person. Try to spend as much time as possible puttering around your house and/or office, clearing out any unfinished business, tying up loose ends, and fixing things you've been putting off. It may help to make you feel less crazy during the next few weeks (depending, of course, on how crazy you were to begin with).

And share your funny Mercury Retrograde stories, if you have any.

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Saturday, June 02, 2007

Neptune retrograde in Aquarius

From May 24th until October 31st, Neptune is retrograde in Aquarius. The shadow period for this retrograde started on February 1st, 2007, so what ever happened between then and May 24th is what we need to review during this retrograde. Neptune retrogrades give us an opportunity to reconnect with a deeper source of inspiration and imagination. It is important to have a vision for our lives that gives us a greater sense of meaning, and is a source of fuel for dealing with the mundane details of life. Some good questions to ask ourselves: What is my vision for myself and my life? What is getting in the way of the expression of that vision? What inspires me and how can I connect to that source of inspiration on a regular basis?

Another thing to consider during this retrograde: With Saturn in Leo opposing Neptune right now, there is a crack down on any illusions we may be holding and deceptions we are trying to get away with, as Saturn is giving Neptune (and us) a reality hip check. The lesson of the Saturn-Neptune oppostion is to master the balance between the bounded and the boundless. Or, in other words, learn how to keep our feet on the ground while our heads are in the clouds.

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