Saturday, November 10, 2007

Mars Retrograde in Cancer and Gemini

On November 15th, Mars turns retrograde in Cancer and will move forward on January 31st, 2008 in Gemini. Out of all the planets, Mars retrogrades the least. A Mars retrograde only happens about once every two years and two months.

When Mars turns retrograde it is a time to pause and think stategically about your current course of action. This is not a great time to get embroiled in conflicts so do your best to avoid them. Mars is quick to anger, and sometimes that anger can get short term results that seem beneficial. A question to ask yourself during this retrograde is whether your anger is truly productive (ie keeping others from crossing your boundaries and taking advantage of you) or destructive (ie a way to manipulate others and make yourself feel powerful).

During this retrograde cycle, Mars will be opposing Pluto two more times - January 2nd and March 7th (the first opposition took place on Sept. 21st). This is a powerful time to create radical transformation. To keep Mars from picking fights and getting twitchy from not being able to move forward at the rate he is used to, it is important to channel his energy into clearing away any emotional and mental debris that may be impedding your progress. Look deeply at where action is needed in your life and where lack of action is causing problems to fester. The area of your chart where Mars is transitting will be where Pluto will challenge you to drop your arrogance and false self. The area Pluto is transitting is where Mars will poke your deep seated fears, doubts, and vulnerabilities and challenge you to own your power. Pluto and Mars are asking all of us, "Who do you really want to be in this life, and why the bleep aren't you making it happen?"

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