Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Gifts for Astrology Lovers

Here's this year's list of astrology related gift ideas. I may add ideas later as I think of them. Feel free to make suggestions, share your wish lists, or ask for more ideas if nothing here is a fit.


Llewellyn makes the best astrology calendar. They also have a 2008 Astrological Pocket Planner available.

Etsy Finds

I did some searching through Etsy for some astro-gifts, because I thought this would be a great opportunity to promote some designers and artists. Please keep in mind that, when ordering from Etsy, availability may be limited because they are handcrafted items, if something you like has been sold ask if they'd be willing to make another one for you, and make sure to read shipping details for each shop as they may be located in a different country.

Here's a list of my faves:

Suzanna Coombes has some gorgeous Zodiac Symbol Pendants available at her Metalandstone shop.

Alicia Istanbul also has some beautiful Zodiac Pendants

And Erika Schulz has incredible Zodiac Paintings.

Books by fellow astro-bloggers

April'snew book, Star Guide to Weddings, is coming out soon and is available for pre-order.

Phil also has a book out. It's called Cosmic Trends: Astrology Connects the Dots

Astrology Books

I'll keep this short as I can easily go overboard with recommendations here. I'll add more as (if) people ask for ideas. I thought I'd suggest books for two of the most commonly known (or so it seems) planetary afflictions: Saturn Return and Mercury Retrograde.

Surviving Saturn's Return is geared towards women who just turned, or are approaching, thirty and are therefore going through their first Saturn Return.

And since everyone has probably suffered from a Mercury Retrograde meltdown at some point, we could all benefit from having a copy Chrissie Blaze's Mercury Retrograde: Your Survival Guide to Astrology's Most Precarious Time of Year.

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1 comment:

April said...

Wendy, you're such a doll - thank you so much for the plug for my book!

I second the recommendation of Phil's book; it's truly fantastic, compulsively readable, and I hope your readers will check it out. And that Saturn Return book is one of my favorites!