Thursday, August 30, 2007

Saturn in Virgo

On Sept 2nd, 2007, Leo will be taking much pleasure in kicking Saturn out into Virgo. And after dealing with the drama of Leo, Saturn will be taking much pleasure in his stay in Virgo - his home away from Capricorn - until October 29th, 2009.

Saturn in Virgo will be one of the gentler Saturn transits. Of course, that will depend on what exactly you have planted in your life up until now. It'll also depend on how much work you have done with the energy Saturn represents in your life. Those with the Sun, Moon, or Saturn in Virgo, or a Virgo Ascendant will be most affected by this transit.

Saturn represents The Teacher archetype and Virgo represents The Student, so Virgoans will excel at learning Saturn's lesson and become teacher pets. Saturn wants us to deal with the weeds in our lives and take them out by the root before they overtake everything. Saturn also wants us to learn to plant the seeds we actually want to reap in our lives. When dealing with Saturn's lesson always keep your attention focused on what you are responsible for: your actions and thoughts.

Virgo believes that god is in the details and tends to forget that the devil is in the details as well. It can be easy to get so caught up in trying to get rid of the weeds and creating the most immaculate garden, that you forget to plant any seeds. Saturn in Virgo will present the challenge of making sure our daily routines really serve the things we want to create in our lives and aren't just busywork.

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