Monday, August 06, 2007

Intuitive Astrology: A Book Review

I recently finished reading Intuitive Astrology by Elizabeth Rose Campbell. I love this book! As Elizabeth describes in the Introduction, Intuitive Astrology is an off shoot of Evolutionary Astrology (also known as choice-centered astrology). She believes that learning how to read your own chart will allow you to get so much more out of it. I totally agree.

This book manages to have something for every level of astrology student. The book is written so beginners in astrology who are interested in learning more about how their charts apply to their lives can easily pick up on the concepts, without getting bogged down in astro-jargon. The questions and exercises are designed to help with intuitively connecting with the energy of each planet, house, and sign (and four major aspects) and finding a deeper, more personal experience of how they are working in our lives. Elizabeth uses plenty of examples from her clients lives to illustrate how a particular configuration is showing up, and there are twelve (one for each sun sign) in depth stories - each accompanied by a chart - to explore.

My favorite part about this book is in the last chapter where Elizabeth shows how to use your chart to help you accomplish your dreams and goals. At its best, astrology makes you think more deeply about yourself and your life. That's exactly what this book does.

Sadly, Elizabeth Rose Campbell passed away in 2004. I'm grateful that a part of her legacy includes this book.


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