Saturday, June 02, 2007

Neptune retrograde in Aquarius

From May 24th until October 31st, Neptune is retrograde in Aquarius. The shadow period for this retrograde started on February 1st, 2007, so what ever happened between then and May 24th is what we need to review during this retrograde. Neptune retrogrades give us an opportunity to reconnect with a deeper source of inspiration and imagination. It is important to have a vision for our lives that gives us a greater sense of meaning, and is a source of fuel for dealing with the mundane details of life. Some good questions to ask ourselves: What is my vision for myself and my life? What is getting in the way of the expression of that vision? What inspires me and how can I connect to that source of inspiration on a regular basis?

Another thing to consider during this retrograde: With Saturn in Leo opposing Neptune right now, there is a crack down on any illusions we may be holding and deceptions we are trying to get away with, as Saturn is giving Neptune (and us) a reality hip check. The lesson of the Saturn-Neptune oppostion is to master the balance between the bounded and the boundless. Or, in other words, learn how to keep our feet on the ground while our heads are in the clouds.

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Michele said...

I am on it Wendy. I'll create a SoulCollage card and a post about the same. Only daughter leaving for college in three weeks, and the journey is forcing me to create a new vision for myself. **shile**

Wendy said...

Looking forward to seeing your SoulCollage and reading your post, Michele! :)