Sunday, May 14, 2006

Saturn Return in Leo: My Journey Part 4

may 14th, 2006 chart
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As I work through my Saturn return (or as it works through me), I find it fitting that the subtitles of two of the books I'm reading right now are "starting from scratch" and "creating a spiritual life from scratch". It feels necessary to let go of all the inherited beliefs, thoughts, and ideas I've been carrying around. The first three decades of my life were, for the most part, spent dealing with, reacting to, and healing from the situations others created. Now, I feel like I am being emptied of all the conditioning and entering a space in my life where I can make choices from a pure place within me. Of course, that doesn't mean all of my choices will come from that place. Another way to put it, is that I feel like I am becoming less of a product of my past and instead simply becoming more myself, living more in the moment.

I've been continuing to study Buddhism. How much more Saturn in the ninth house could that be? (for those who aren't familiar with the ninth house it's the house that rules higher learning, especially spiritual learning) I came across a passage in Awakening to the Sacred about karma that I wanted to share as it connects with one of Saturn's lessons:

"The laws of karma are actually very empowering. We may always be aware of strong emotional and psychological winds blowing from past events and experiences, but even so, how we sail through these winds can make all the difference. No matter how strongly we've been conditioned, we don't have to go through life perpetuating old patterns... Building new patterns is the best way to work with karma."

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Monday, May 08, 2006

Pluto Transits

I came across an article by Bob Marks about Pluto's transits through the houses and signs. With Pluto in retrograde, it's a great time to look deeply into the areas of our lives he's working on and consider how we want them to be transformed. Pluto reminds of us of how necessary change is and how liberating it is to participate in change instead of just letting it happen to us.