Saturday, December 30, 2006

Jupiter and the Laughing Buddha

Whenever I see images of Hotei (aka the Laughing Buddha), or read about the mythology associated with him, it always makes me think of Jupiter. So with Jupiter in Sagittarius, I thought it'd be fitting to share a bit about Hotei:

Hotei is known as a wandering monk. With his large belly and expression of laughter, he represents happiness, abundance, generosity, and contentment. Hotei carries a bottomless bag filled with food and gifts which he freely shares. He holds a fan that symbolizes the ability to grant wishes. In Japanese Buddhism, he is one of the seven lucky gods. And in Chinese Buddhism, his belly is associated with the largeness of his soul.

PuTai, the historical figure Hotei is believed to be based on, wrote a line of poetry that could have been penned by a Sag, "Among the white clouds, I search for truth."

for more on Hotei check out the following links (with thanks to my friend who emailed most of these to me):
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