Saturday, December 02, 2006

gifts for astrology lovers

Since the gift giving season is upon us, I thought it would be fun to offer a few ideas of things to get the astrology lovers in your life, or to put on your own wish lists.


LLewellyn's 2007 Astrological Calendar ~ the Llewellyn calendar provides daily astrological data and is always filled with beautiful images. It's the only calendar recommendation I have, really.


There are so many possible books to suggest that I'll keep it simple by recommending a couple of classics and a couple from my own wish list.

Linda Goodman's Sun Signs and Linda Goodman's Love Signs ~ these are great books for people who are just starting to get into astrology and for those who are more advanced students (they'll need replacements for their dog-earred copies).

The next two books I haven't read, so proceed with caution. They look so intriguing, though:
Mythastrology: Exploring Planets & Pantheons ~ if you know someone who loves astrology and books like Women Who Run with the Wolves, I think this could be a good choice.

Buddhist Astrology: Chart Interpretation from a Buddhist Perspective ~ and this one could be good for someone who is exploring buddhism, as well as astrology.

Check out April's great list of astrology books for more ideas.


Astrological Greeting Cards ~ these cards are amazingly beautiful. There's also a coloring book based on the images on these cards.

Astrology Sampler ~ A cross stitch kit for the astro-crafty.

Feel free to add your suggestions in the comments below. Share your wish lists, too!

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Retta said...

Astrology Sampler (by Witches Stitches) is a reallllllly nice piece to stitch! The picture just doesn't do it justice, it's far more stunning in person.