Saturday, November 25, 2006

Jupiter in Sagittarius

On November 23rd, Jupiter ended his visit in Scorpio and returned home to his castle in Sagittarius. After dealing with the Pluto transit for more than a decade, Sagittarians deserve to spend some quality time with their rich uncle Jupiter.

Wherever Sagittarius lands in your chart, is where Jupiter will bring expansiveness, growth, renewed optimism, new opportunities, and unexpected blessings into you life. Jupiter can be a little indiscriminate with the expansiveness, though, so any negative habits may begin to take on a life of their own, if you're not paying attention. Think carefully about what you want to expand in your life, and use this time to create the changes you desire. This a good time to apply the lessons learned from a Saturn transit or return. Jupiter isn't a taskmaster like Saturn, so instead of rewarding hard work, he tends to simply reward action. But a little bit of Saturn's discipline can take Jupiter's opportunities a lot farther and make this year of growth much more productive.

If you happen to have Neptune in Sagittarius, Jupiter will make a conjunction to it during this transit. Issues connected to faith may come up. Those who lack faith and those who have blind faith will be challenged the most by this transit. I don't mean faith just in a religious sense, but that's definitely included. The question that will be raised by this transit is, "Who, or what, do you put your faith in and has this faith had negative or positive consequences in your life?" This transit will allow for an expansion of faith in your life.

Jupiter will also expand upon the transformation's that Pluto's transit through Sagittarius has created in your life. Jupiter's transit will allow for a processing and deeper appreciation of the journey Pluto's transit has taken you through. Jupiter will also open a window to let in some light and air into the dank, dark Pluto caves Sagittarians have been living in.

A few days before the Juptier moved into Sagittarius, me and some friends decided to start working through the book Pronoia Is the Antidote for Paranoia: How the Whole World Is Conspiring to Shower You with Blessings. Seems like the perfect companion for a Jupiter transit through Sagittarius.

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monica0031 said...

I have 5 planets in SAG: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars and Neptune. Needless to say the Pluto transit hit me hard. I didn't know anything about astrology back then. I've just recently, in the last year and a half, delved into the subject, which I find has endless amounts of info to understand. But, being the Sag that I am of course I'll dig 'cause it interests me. (My ASC is Cancer) Pluto hit my Mars first from 95~97, then Neptune 98~01 , along with that it squared my Jupiter from 99~00, along with a sextile to my Pluto in approx. '99. In '01~'04 it was in conjunct to my mercury, from '03~06 it was conjunct my sun (saving the best for last?). Strangely, it didn't hit my moon. I had just barely turned 20 when these transits started. I wish I had known about astrology back then because when times got really hard I felt like I was dying. I'm curious to know how others with a lot of SAG personal planets survived the Pluto transits. Also, being that my sun and moon are both in Sag, I found out (curiously, I forget how I came across this info) but I was born on the same day as a partial eclipse. (12/13/74) Which probably explains why I've come to accept that I'm a bit odd and strange sometimes.

I really hope someone who's felt the impact of Pluto responds to this post. I'd like to find out how you dealt with it piercing power.