Monday, October 23, 2006

Astrology and the Dream Chocolate Factory

The other night I had a wonderful dream about chocolate. In the dream, I was eating all these chocolate Easter eggs while chocolate Easter bunnies kept showing up en masse, multiplying quicker than real bunnies. I couldn't figure out where to put it all and was strategically thinking about how I'd eat it. Best dream ever!

It's been awhile since I've done an astrological dream interpretation on one of my dreams, so I started to think about how to interpret this one. What has shown up in this dream is Jupiter (as the mass quantities of chocolate) transiting Scorpio (as the fertile chocolate bunnies) in my 12th house (as the eggs, which also symbolize rebirth, and the general Easter chocolate theme). When I woke up after having this dream, I first thought it was a silly, PMS dream, but now I'm starting to think there may be more to it. Maybe it's trying to tell me this is a fertile time for me to seek out rebirth in my life, to ponder where I am need of a rebirth. I can say one thing for sure: my subconscious knows how to get my attention.

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April said...

Wendy honey, don't forget all those planets that were clustered in chocolate-coated Libra over the weekend! (In a shocking oversight, the Rex Bills Rulership Book does not suggest a rulership for chocolate, but he does say candy is ruled by Libra...) Anyway, a nice representation of a Libra stellium morphing into a big Scorpio one, with a dollop of Jupiter on top.

Dang. Why can't I have dreams like that?!

nulla succede per caso-nothing happens by chance said...

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