Saturday, September 16, 2006

Pluto, Pluto, Pluto

Sometimes, I think that astronomy and astrology are a divorced couple who are fighting over their children - the planets. And, of course, Pluto is the focus of most of the fighting, since he is the problem child, the runt of the litter, the black sheep of the family.

That said, I don't think Pluto being demoted to a dwarf planet by astronomers will drastically alter astrology. Astrology has evolved over time and this is just another step in its evolution. It'll be interesting to see how things change and what new ideas are developed as a result of this, especially as astrologers explore the other dwarf planets. I must admit I'm most excited about Eris (they finally named it - yay!) and discovering what it will offer to astrological readings.

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Chandira said...

I think it's quite apt that half of us are demoting Pluto, and half are in outrage, as we all collectively go into conflict over the dark nature of what the world is right now. Argument and split over the darker energies ruling things globally.
Some of us can see it, some of us can't, and we're badly divided over that. Seems similar to me. Pluto will never go away, no matter how we argue about it. ;-)Neither will the issues we're all busy getting political about, instead of simply fixing what we can fix, cooperatively.

DeeK said...

There are as like as many ways to interpret astrology as there are astrologers. Some will 'demote' Pluto, others (like me) will still hold it dear. To me the planet matters not as much as how it fits into the things that matter to humans.

I think Pluto is very apt for our condition, animal or otherwise, for our lives in this solar system. All the other planets glide neatly along the ecliptic, but Pluto (and now Eris) while still revolving around the sun, choses its own path. This mirrors the evolutionary nature of Pluto; if you don't adjust in your own unique, you will get trampled by the uniformity of life.

Long live, Pluto.

Wendy said...

Great comments, Chandira and DeeK!

I definitely agree that Pluto has more than proven his merit as an astrological archetype.

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