Thursday, September 07, 2006

Know It All About The Know-It-All

Thanks April for tagging me for this trivia/meme thing! I love doing these things. Now on with the fun:

Things that scare me
Tornadoes. Mice, rats, anything small that I can hear moving, but can't see. Tom Cruise.

People who make me laugh
My friends (a certain group of friends in particular ;) ). My brother. Jon Stewart. Myself.

Things I hate the most
Fundamentalism and dogma.

Things I don’t understand
The Surreal Life. Every news channel in the US. Hustle & Flow (it's a comedy right?).

Things I’m doing right now

Things I want to do before I die
Travel to India, Italy, France, Iceland, Britain, Egypt and somewhere in South America. Learn at least one more language.

Things I can do
Cook. Bake (aka make tasty messes with chocolate). All sorts of crafty things (I have a crafty blog, too). Win contests (I once won something like 400 chocolate bars). Write with my left hand. Laundry.

Things I can’t do
Whistle. Blow my nose (I don't know why). Operate heavy machinery

Ways to describe my personality
Energetic, enthusiastic, optimistic, with a witty, sarcastic sense of humor. I'm either very quiet/shy or outgoing/talkative, depending on my mood and how well I know the people I'm with.

Things I think you should listen to
As many different perspectives and ideas you can get your hands on.

Things you should never listen to
Anyone telling you you aren't capable of thinking for yourself or of creating what you want in life. All the news channels in the US.

Things I’d like to learn
Another language. Some more html. More about Buddhism. And everything else.

Favorite foods
Cheesecake. Potato lasagna and spinach alfreado lasagna. Butter chicken. Chocolate. Anything I don't have to cook. Popcorn. Chips (especially Old Dutch). Cheddar turkey burgers. Szechaun chicken. Chicken in black bean sauce. French fries. Drumstick cheese cake. Peanut Butter Bees (homemade reeces peanut butter cups). Tim Tams. Ice cream.... Has it become clear that Jupiter is my ruler and Taurus is my sun sign yet?

Beverages I drink regularly
Water. Slurpees. Pepsi. Tea.

Shows I watched as a kid
The Cosby Show. Family Ties. MASH. Growing Pains. And in case it wasn't clear that I'm Canadian... SCTV. Degrassi Junior High.

Now it's my turn to tag ~ I tag:

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Chandira said...

Ah!! OK.. I'll work on this one and post tomorrow.. lol

I mihgt leave some of your answers there, they're good! ;-)

April said...

Wendy, let's learn some Italian together and go visit The Big Boot - plenty of lasagna there!

Thanks for playing. :)

Wendy said...

Sounds like a great idea, April! ;-) The first sentence of Italian I want to learn is, "Which way to the Prada outlet?" hee

Reema dsouza said...

A break like a breath, necessary!
See you soon !

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