Saturday, September 23, 2006

Eris in my chart

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Knowing that Eris is currently transiting Aries, I was curious to see where exactly she would show up in my chart. And she showed up in an interesting place indeed: conjunct Mars and Venus in Aries, opposing Pluto in Libra, and trining Saturn (in Leo), Neptune and my ascendant (both in Sagittarius). It'll be exciting to explore how the Eris archetype shows up in my life.

I've been reading up on Eris a bit, and she isn't just associated with strife, but also with striving. As Hesiod said wrote about Eris: "She stirs up even the shiftless to toil; for a man grows eager to work when he considers his neighbour, a rich man who hastens to plough and plant and put his house in good order; and neighbour vies with his neighbour as he hurries after wealth. This Strife is wholesome for men. And potter is angry with potter, and craftsman with craftsman, and beggar is jealous of beggar, and minstrel of minstrel." Eris may end up ruling of healthy competition in astrology and maybe even competition with oneself (as Monica on Friends once said, "That's my favorite kind!").



April said...

Fun looking at your chart, Wendy! You and I have almost exactly the same moon placement.

You're quite the walking, talking poster girl for Eris there, aren't you! Keep an eye on transiting Mars creeping up to oppose your natal placement. I've had it there for the past couple of days (Eris was at around 10 Aries at my birth) and some of my most unwelcome feelings of competition and angst reared their ugly heads!

Sigh. I wish Eris were still called Xena... I could have been wearing a snazzy looking leather corset thing and kicking some butt, instead of feeling so lousy! :)

Jennifer R said...

I've got Eris conjunct my Mercury. I wonder what that means?

Wendy said...

April, I think I'm either the poster girl or the guinea pig for Eris. Not sure which yet!

I've been having silly feelings of competition, like feeling the need to be the first one on the bus at the bus stop. I've also been having a 'bring it on' attitude to anything that could potentially lead to drama. It's like I'm a cheerleader in a bad movie. hee. Because Pluto is in the mix, though, some fears have been stirred up and, while I know it's not true, I'm feeling like I need to compete for people's attention. blah.

Jennifer, hmmm... it could mean that the area of your chart the conjunction falls in is the area you strive to use communication to deal with issues and challenges that come up. Or maybe it's where communications cause the most strife for you?

Chandira said...

Eris?? Ohh, she must be prominent in my chart somewhere.. lol.. I'd always put that down to Moon conjunct Uranus. I'll take a look at where Eris is now.

Chandira said...

12 degrees Aries, JUST into my 12th house, conjunct my Chiron in my 11th house, at 10 degrees. Hmm.. That's given me something to think about.. :-)

Starry Night Astrology said...

I'm researching Eris, looking info, and here is your post! So after these nearly past two years, what do you think about Eris?

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