Thursday, August 10, 2006

Saturn Return and Buddha

I've been reading about and exploring Buddhism for the last few years, especially during my Saturn Return. What's fascinating to me about the Buddha is that, when he was 29 (during his Saturn Return), he chose to leave the sheltered life his father provided for him, after he was confronted with the suffering that exists in the world. For the next six years, he studied and practiced meditation in a journey to discover how to find liberation from suffering. At 35, he achieved enlightment and then spent the rest of his life teaching and sharing what he learned with others. This is obviously a very shortened version of Buddha's story, but it's still is a great illustration of how a Saturn Return can manifest in a person's life and shows what's possible when a person takes responsibility for themselves.

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Chandira said...

I had 3 Saturn returns, with a retrograde! Ick. I deliberately timed my last return to be the day I emmigrated!! I don't know if that was smart or not, in hindsight.. lol Emmigrating is tough.

Yesterday was the peak of my Saturn Sun opposition, which so far was a lot easier. I was sort of expecting another hard time, but although it brought up some tough issues, was relatively benign, and even brought a few pleasant surprises.

Wendy said...

Chandira, I'm glad to hear that it wasn't too bad. The best part is that Saturn always rewards us for all hard work he puts us through ;)