Sunday, July 02, 2006

Jupiter Retrograde ends July 6th


Jupiter has been retrograde in Scorpio since March 4th and will finally move forward this week. I've really been feeling this retrograde as Jupiter is one of my ruling planets. It also doesn't help that during the retrograde Jupiter opposed my sun and squared Saturn (both transitting and natal). So for the past few months it has felt as if Saturn took over things. Sure, I learned a lot, became more disciplined with my work, and realized where I need more discipline in my life. But the whole entire time, any attempts I made to move forward felt as if I were banging my head against a brick wall. Not my favorite hobby.

However, I did notice an interesting pattern between Jupiter and my freelance writing income. I checked back over my financial records (my sun in the 6th makes me do these things), and my income dried up whenever Jupiter turned retrograde and flowed when direct. This year was no different, as far as the drying up part goes. We'll see how the flow goes.

Needless to say, I'm very happy to have my pal Jupiter back from his nap (Um, in case you think I have lost my mind, I have. That's what banging your head on a brick wall will do).

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Chandira said...

Sigh, Saturn, don't I know it! Transiting 4th, opposite my sun and mercury. Husband wants to move house, and I keep having the heebeejeebies.. Irrational fears and all sorts of 'resistance' on my part, it's just moving house, right? It probably would even be in the same neighbourhood, more or less. But I can't shake the creepy-crawlies, and the screaming terrors about it at 3am. Ugh.

Saturn is the one planet that really has always turned things upside down for me, the 'wrong' way.. Aquarius Sun, I guess. Saturn in the 12th, close to the Ascendant.

Still at least we know the planets DO actually move forwards, even if it takes forever sometimes.

whit said...

Hello Chandira;

I have a few thoughts about your note; wow, you, potentially, can harness great power. One picture I’ve imagined has a few elements I will describe now and then pull them together, I hope, in a way that I hope also is useful to you. I was lucky to have had people tell me things that helped me.

Oppositions and squares are typically described using words such as bad, difficult, “wrong,” etc. Well, what you see is what you get.

Try thinking of squares in terms of action. “What action must I do or take right now to resolve this?” Squares, when acted upon, can be beneficial. The alternative is to, like, be hit by something or run into something (like a wall.) Just try it. These things take a bit of time, so keep at it until you find a way that makes sense, if you can.

Oppositions have similar behavioral phenomena for we earthlings. A lot of us miss the obvious. Traditionally the 411 on oppositions is that they are split or they demand choosing one or the other, as it, heaven or hell, mountains or shore, or shitty job and food or no food but job is good, etc., etc. Here’s the key.

Either/or demands both or neither.

The two areas of our character highlighted in an opposition have the opportunity to send power (knowledge, love, energy, values) to one another and with a little practice we can get them synced so that their vibration going back and forth is just too cool for school. (Did you ever pull taffy as a kid?)

So, Saturn is sometimes referred to with this statement, “Everyone has a lesson to learn in life and some of us learn it in school and some of us learn it in jail.” But, the twelfth house location indicates is so much heavier, subtle and mysterious that that statement it insufficient.

Saturn is where we find form, structure and our own version of reality—our own private Idaho, perhaps. The Twelfth house is described as the subconscious. I prefer hidden. It is right in front of us but blends in like . . . well like a four-leaf clover maybe. (That analogy barely works.)

But, nonetheless, we are lead by the subconscious usually. We have the power to lead it though. The subconscious responds to our thoughts. Henry Ford, I think, said, “Whether a person thinks they will succeed or fail, they’re right.” If when you think of moving house it causes you to fret and worry, it will be tough. However, if you can take some time, relax and be still and let your mind wander considering what would make it great, honestly, you really have to do little else.

And, with Mercury opposite Saturn, you can rock with thoughts. You probably would like to write down some thoughts but any sort of communication activity about the form you’d like will be effective. (Paint, draw, speak into a tape recorder or whatever, I sense little notes jotted down is your thing.) Then do something holy with them, like throw them in a drawer, tear them up, burn them, roll them in a ball, stick them in a hole, put them in a crack in the foundation or under the foundation—I like the last one.

Honestly, I’d love to be able to communicate to my Saturn with words. I suspect you can and your Saturn is in a super-powerful spot. The Sun just adds power. This is a dog you should pet every day.

Thank you for indulging me, Chandira. All the best to you.


Chandira said...

THanks Wit. Your insights are very welcome.

I do tend to be a glass is 'half full' sort of person, which is why I've been struggling with this new 'half empty' me that Saturn seems to be dragging out of the closet.. ;-)

Feeling better today, I got more sleep.

yes, as my teacher would say, 'You become what you meditate on'.
That 4 leafed clover was a great analogy. Life is like that, we look, and can't see it, when it's been there all the while.

I'm feeling a litle better about moving, and as that capricious God Fate would have it, the issue seems to have gone away again for now. Go figure..

Anonymous said...

Oh god...I almost had a computer malfunction today and I cursed to the heavens - hahaha...

I told my father-in-law about the mercury retrogade and he didn't seem impressed, damned Russian!


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