Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Planets in Retrograde

I'm a bit behind on writing about the current retrogrades (maybe I was in retrograde?), but here's what's happening ~

Neptune went retrograde in Aquarius on May 22nd and will move forward on October 29th. Look at how you can take better care of yourself physically, spiritually and creatively. Ask yourself if there are any boundaries you need to set with people in your life. Also, ask if there are any areas of your life where you are deluding yourself and need to take responsibility, instead of making excuses (in a few months, when Saturn opposes Neptune, this will come up anyway, so why not get a head start).

Uranus went retrograde in Pisces on June 19th and will move forward on November 19th. Uranus likes to create sudden changes, and can make us feel like we need a sudden change in the area of our charts it's transitting. Uranus will push us to create more freedom in our lives and can make us feel like we have to make sudden, reactive decisions. Instead, pay attention to whatever Uranus is bringing up in your life now and use that to inform your decisions.

Mercury goes retrograde in Leo on July 4th and will move forward in Cancer on July 28th. Do the usual Mercury retrograde things, like backing up important computer files and being extra conscientious in all communications to avoid misunderstandings. If anything you own is need of repair, fix it before the Mercury retrograde begins.

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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

8 Random Things About Me

I just noticed that Barbara at Silverwheel Astrology tagged me for this game (and April thought she was tardy ha!). Thanks for thinking of me Barbara! Now on with the fun ~

1. I drink Slurpees in the winter when it's like -40 degrees out (I drink them in the summer too).

2. Ever since Pluto started transitting through Sagittarius (my ascendant), I've had many intricate dreams filled with spies, conspiracies, and murder.

3. I write greeting cards.

4. One of my unofficial missions in life is to try as many cheesecakes as I can (I call it the Cheesecake Odyssey).

5. I shampoo my hair with a puck of soap that smells so good I sniff it throughout the day (my hair and the puck).

6. The Rocket was the last movie I saw that I loved.

7. I am very susceptible to creative peer pressure. None of my friends have ever been able to convince me to smoke, drink, do drugs, or even go out when I'd rather sleep (Taurean stubbornness does come in handy). But if someone were to say, "want to knit a million scarfs?", I'd probably say okay.

8. I eat and cook really slow. So slow, that people around me have started to refer to it as Wendytime. I once made one of Rachael Ray's 30-minute meals and it took me an 1 1/2 hours (I don't like to cook on more than one element at a time because I tend to read emails as I cook. I'm slow like a Taurus (sun sign) and distracted like a Gemini (moon sign) hee). I'm also the only person I know to somehow get sugar in her shoes while cooking.

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