Thursday, March 02, 2006

Mercury and Jupiter Retrogrades

Mercury went into retrograde motion in Pisces today (March 2nd). The retrograde period will last until March 25th. So as always, be extra careful in your communications to avoid confusions and conflicts, and keep focused on what you are doing to avoid unnecessary mistakes. This is a really good time to catch up on unfinished projects and tie up loose ends.

On March 4th, Jupiter will be going retrograde in Scorpio until July 4th. The lesson of Jupiter retrogrades is that even though it seems like Dr. Evil has stolen your mojo, it's not really something that can be taken from you (an external object that can be possessed), but something you've really had in you all along. (I was watching the second Austin Powers movie on the weekend hee).

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K said...


I just blogged about this the other day.

I definately felt like something was having a major effect on my communication ability.


Lori said...

What does Jupiter retrograde transiting in the 12th house mean? I have Mercury retrograde in the 4th house. My Jupiter is natally in Libra - it's not natally retrograde. I do have Mercury natally retrograde.


Wendy said...

K, I loved your blog entry on Mercury Retrograde. Thanks for sharing it! :)

Lori, Jupiter is hanging out in my 12th house, too. My take on it is that this is a good time to look into how unconscious beliefs and/or things from the past (especially things surrounding the home with Mercury in the 4th house) may be sabotaging what's great, or could be great, in our lives. Having Mercury natally retrograde means that it won't create problems for you like it can for others because you are used to its retrograde energy. Let me know if you have anymore questions and if this actually makes sense (I'm writing this with 2am fuzzy brain LOL).

The Rural Observer said...

Hey Wendy, it's me...back again with another blog, haha. I thought I'd start anew.

Anyway, I have noticed that certain something hanging in the air. Not so much with people I am close to - but in the sense of general public and people around me. It's as though I am meant to observe all of this and take notes on better communication. I find people and strangers really odd and off lately. It's a bit unsettling but I have learned to not let it affect my day.

Take care,

Wendy said...

Hi SleepyLinda!!! :)

I know what you mean. I've also noticed the water sign people around me seem to have been more affected by the retrograde.

I love your new blog!