Saturday, October 29, 2005

Uranus in Pisces

On November 16th, Uranus will move direct in Pisces. It is now a great time to move forward with any changes you have been considering since June. Any actions you take now to create your dreams will be met with more unexpected synchronicities helping you along - a much welcome change from the unexpected obstacles of the retrograde. It will feel like possibilities are opening up and taking you down paths you never knew existed. It will now be easier to see what has been standing in the way of your freedom and to know what you need to do about it.

Those with Pisces and Virgo prominent in their charts will be feeling a stronger sense of who they are and increased personal freedom. Uranus is slowly working on both these signs, challenging them to no longer be ruled by people-pleasing and perfectionism.

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Saturday, October 22, 2005

Mercury Retrograde

The next Mercury Retrograde starts on November 14th and ends on December 3rd, and will move through both Sagittarius and Scorpio. The shadow period starts on October 25th. This is a good time to back-up files, repair things around the house (especially if you've been procrastinating on fixing something), and to stock up on things like fuses just in case. Also make sure you declog your drains, which is one Mercury retrograde lesson I learned the hard way.

For those who want more info on the Mercury retrograde, I found a great link where you can read about Mercury's transits through the houses.

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Saturday, October 15, 2005

fixed focus

There is a definite focus on the fixed signs now with Mars in Taurus for an extended stay thanks to the retrograde, Jupiter about to move into Scorpio for a year, Saturn in Leo for about two more years, and Neptune still hanging out in Aquarius. What this means is that there will be a lot of squares and oppositions made between these planets and to these planets from the quicker moving planets, along with the Sun and the Moon. These aspects will be felt most by those with planets at 4-15 degrees in the fixed signs on their natal charts and those going through a Saturn Return right now. Most of the squares and oppositions will only last a few days (in the case of the Moon, they may last only a few hours). They will cause some stress and frustration. Try to view them as an opportunity to correct your course so you can avoid bigger frustrations and obstacles. I recommend taking up something that will allow you to vent your frustration and/or relieve stress. Allow yourself to get as much sleep as you need right now - especially if you have Taurus prominent in your chart - as the Mars retrograde is sapping you of the energy you need. This is not a time to push yourself to do more. Move slower and more steadily so you can see any obstacles before they trip you up.

some upcoming aspects:
Oct.15th - Mercury in Scorpio square Saturn in Leo
Oct.18th - Mercury in Scorpio square Neptune in Aquarius
Nov.3rd - Sun in Scorpio square Saturn in Leo
Nov.7th - Sun in Scorpio square Neptune in Aquarius
Sun in Scorpio opposes Mars in Taurus
Mars in Taurus square Neptune in Aquarius
Nov.18th - Mars in Taurus square Saturn in Leo

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Saturday, October 08, 2005

Neptune in Aquarius

Neptune has been in retrograde motion in Aquarius since May 19th and is moving forward on October 26th. This means that you will likely gain new clarity about any issues that you are feeling foggy about - especially ones connected to the house Aquarius is in on your chart - and you will be able to see more clearly what you need to do to resolve any problems. It is also possible that feelings which remained unconscious during the retrograde will start to surface now. Pay attention to what comes up and give yourself time to decide if you need to act on, or let go of, what you're feeling. It will now be easier to discern which patterns in your life are holding you back and which ones are helping you achieve what you envision for yourself.

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Saturday, October 01, 2005

Jupiter in Scorpio

On October 26th, Jupiter will move into Scorpio. If you have Scorpio prominent in your chart, you will experience a year of increased opportunity and good fortune. Unlike Saturn, who expects us to earn our rewards, Jupiter gives generously as long as you are open to receiving - which isn't as easy as it may seem. It is up to you to dream bigger and say yes to the good that shows up in your life. In order to make the most of a Jupiter transit, challenge yourself to expand your ideas of what you believe is possible.

The house where Scorpio lands in your chart (even if you're not a Scorpio), is the area of your life that where you will want to work with Jupiter's benevolently expanding energies.

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