Saturday, November 05, 2005

Saturn Retrograde in Leo

From November 22nd until April 4th, 2006, Saturn will be retrograde in Leo. This period will give us an opportunity to review issues surrounding responsibility in our lives, with a focus on issues arising between August 18th and November 22nd. This is a fertile time to analyze what you have been creating in your life and clear out what has been standing in your way. Look at where you have either taken on shame, blame, guilt, or put it on others, and ask yourself what you can do to learn and grow in that area. Also, look at where you have stepped up in your life and what you can do to build upon your positive actions.

The retrograde will most influence those going through a Saturn return, those with Leo or Aquarius prominent in your chart, and those with planets at about 11 degrees in the fixed or fire signs.

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zandperl said...

This isn't related to your current post, but does astrology consider the positions of the moons of other planets? Or do some astrologers consider them and others don't? I was wondering because I recently read that Pluto may have two more moons.

Wendy said...

hi, zandperl! :)

No, astrology doesn't consider the positions of the moons of other planets.

Reema dsouza said...

Congratulations for your beautiful site! Congratulations and good luck!