Saturday, October 15, 2005

fixed focus

There is a definite focus on the fixed signs now with Mars in Taurus for an extended stay thanks to the retrograde, Jupiter about to move into Scorpio for a year, Saturn in Leo for about two more years, and Neptune still hanging out in Aquarius. What this means is that there will be a lot of squares and oppositions made between these planets and to these planets from the quicker moving planets, along with the Sun and the Moon. These aspects will be felt most by those with planets at 4-15 degrees in the fixed signs on their natal charts and those going through a Saturn Return right now. Most of the squares and oppositions will only last a few days (in the case of the Moon, they may last only a few hours). They will cause some stress and frustration. Try to view them as an opportunity to correct your course so you can avoid bigger frustrations and obstacles. I recommend taking up something that will allow you to vent your frustration and/or relieve stress. Allow yourself to get as much sleep as you need right now - especially if you have Taurus prominent in your chart - as the Mars retrograde is sapping you of the energy you need. This is not a time to push yourself to do more. Move slower and more steadily so you can see any obstacles before they trip you up.

some upcoming aspects:
Oct.15th - Mercury in Scorpio square Saturn in Leo
Oct.18th - Mercury in Scorpio square Neptune in Aquarius
Nov.3rd - Sun in Scorpio square Saturn in Leo
Nov.7th - Sun in Scorpio square Neptune in Aquarius
Sun in Scorpio opposes Mars in Taurus
Mars in Taurus square Neptune in Aquarius
Nov.18th - Mars in Taurus square Saturn in Leo

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jude cowell said...

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Wendy said...

Thanks Jude! I love your blogs too. :)