Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Shadow Periods

Shadow periods are often talked about when a planet goes retrograde. I thought I'd explain them for those who don't know what they are.

There is a shadow period before and after each retrograde. The shadow period starts at the degree the planet will station direct after it goes through its retrograde motion. When the planet turns retrograde, the first shadow period is over. The next shadow period starts as soon as the planet turns direct and ends at the degree the retrograde motion started.

For example, let's say a planet will begin its retrograde motion at 22 degrees in Aries and and station direct at 5 degrees. When the planet first reaches 5 degrees, the shadow period has begun. At 22 degrees, the shadow period ends and retrograde begins. At 5 degrees, the retrograde ends and the next shadow period begins. When the planet reaches 22 degrees again, the shadow period is over.

Now for what the shadow periods mean. The shadow period before a retrograde will bring up issues you'll need to review during the retrograde. The shadow period after will show you the results of your review. This is where you'll find out if the course of action you choose will work out for you. And if you failed to deal with an issue, this is when it will come back up.

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