Friday, September 02, 2005

Pluto and the New Moon

Pluto moves direct in Sagittarius today. Since March, Pluto has been working on helping us process what has been going on in our lives, peeling back the layers of fear, shame, anger, and pushing us to reach a turning point. Chances are, in the last few days, you've had a realization that will allow you to transform a situation you've felt stuck in. It is now time to take action to make sure that transformation happens. And with the New Moon in Virgo tomorrow, this is a powerful time to create big changes in your life. Over the next couple of days, make some time to think/write about, visualize and plan for what you really want to create in your life.

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Anonymous said...

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zandperl said...

Now that we have a 10th planet, 2003 UB_313, also called Xena, have you started including it in your calculations?

NASA press release
BBC article

Wendy said...


I thought the name of the 10th Planet hasn't been officially announced. I've heard rumors of both Lila and Xena as the name choice.

I haven't included it in my calculations yet as the name of the planet will influence how it is interpreted in a chart (ie. it's symbolic and archetypal meaning).