Friday, September 09, 2005

Mars Retrograde in Taurus

On October 1st, Mars will be going retrograde in Taurus, giving us a chance to review our actions. You will be able to reflect on any decisions you have made impulsively or out of anger and given an opportunity to correct your course.

The shadow period started on the 12th of August so pay attention to what you're now choosing. Check your anger and think through decisions as much as possible to avoid having them come back to haunt you.

During this retrograde period there will be an emphasis on taking responsibility for our actions, as Mars will be squaring Saturn. Mars squared Saturn at the end of July so expect to be revisiting issues, lessons, or events that were brought up then as well.

It'll be interesting to see how leaders are held accountable for their recent actions regarding Hurricane Katrina when Mars squares Saturn again.

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matchingtracksuits said...

Um, I can review my actions any time -- the status of the planets' orbits really have no affect on my ability to review my past.

What shocks me about astrology is how it deals in such generalities. "Today would be a good day to live it to the max." Yeah -- sometimes I just feel I need cosmic permission to persue my goals...

Wendy said...

Yup, you can review your actions at any time. I thought that would go without saying.

There are, however, certain times when the results you get from reviewing your actions will be more productive. Just like it's more productive to plant a garden in the spring.

If you only read horoscopes in magazines and newspapers, then, yes, astrology appears to be about generalities. If you read the studies (like the one Carl Jung did for starters), then it's not so general anymore.

Thanks for leaving a comment, matchingtracksuits!