Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Saturn Return in Leo

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My Saturn Return has officially begun. I thought I'd post my chart so everyone can see what Saturn is up to. Saturn is the most aspected planet in my chart. It makes an aspect to everything, except my Sun, and the aspects are mostly all positive. I'm very used to dealing with Saturn's energy in my life. The fact that Saturn is a part of my double grand trine seems to give me the motivation to make the most of the positive things in my life.

I've been thinking about responsibility lately and what this Saturn Return means for me. Being the typical daughter of an alcoholic mother, I tend to take on too much responsibility at times. I feel like my Saturn Return is going to help me to let go of my tendency to hold myself accountable for things that aren't my responsibility so I can have more energy for what I really want to create in my life. This Saturn Return, combined with the Pluto transit in Sagittarius, is really going to create a powerful transformation in my life. I've actually started a transformation journal to help make sure it happens. Working with the planets makes the process so much easier.

Saturn Return in Leo: Part 2

Saturn Return in Leo: Part 3

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Anonymous said...

Hey Wendy, thanks for your chart, came across your blog through Big Sky Astrology. Love your site and have put you on my list. Let me say that as a girl who also grew up with an alcoholic mother (my moon is square pluto not trine as yours) I feel that since my Saturn Return (in Cap) 15 years ago my life is exceedingly much easier and freer. I'm sure you'll find the same thing. The codependence starts to wear thin. Having astrology has helped me immensely!
Thanks and cheers
Lisa, Melbourne, Australia

Wendy said...

I could definitely do without the codependence - and the chaos, too. I haven't really been in contact with my mother since I was twelve and I feel like I'm still uncovering all these hidden pockets of codependence. But I'm also seeing more pockets of freedom and peace. It's exciting!

Thanks for your comment Lisa and for adding me to your list! :)