Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Astrology and Dream Interpretation: Part Two

In Part One, I wrote about how to create a chart for your dream. Now we can get to interpreting your dream and your chart.

When you look at the chart, the transitting planets will be on the outer ring and your natal planets will be on the inside. Start by looking at where your natal Sun is located in your chart (sign and house) and ask yourself how it may be showing up in your dream (I have included links to basic descriptions of the planets, signs, and houses below). Then do the same for your natal moon and your ascendant. Look to see if any transitting planets are making conjunctions to your Sun, Moon and your ascendant, and ask yourself how those planets are showing up in your dream. Feel free to move through the rest of the planets in your chart, looking at their sign and house position, and asking how they are showing up in your dream. The imagery of your dream will help to guide you through your interpretations and will help you make sense of your chart.

Here's an example of an interpretation I did of one of my dreams that will hopefully help to illustrate the process: Interfaith Meeting At McDonalds.

In the next part of this series, I will write about ruling planets and aspects.

helpful links~
The Planets
The Signs
The Houses

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Ruby D said...

Thanks for this Wendy. It makes more sense now. I'm off to do my charts and see what I can see.

Wendy said...

You're welcome, RubyD!! I'm glad it makes sense. I was starting to confuse myself when I was writing it LOL