Wednesday, August 31, 2005

virgo and routine

When the Sun enters Virgo, our routines shift. There's usually a return to an old routine, or the starting of a new one. We return to the business of life, refocusing our energies at school, work, and home. This is a good time to question our routines to make sure they are working for us.

Those with Virgo prominent in their charts, need to make sure they aren't going overboard with their routines. Don't expect yourself to stick to a way of doing things just because it used to work for you and you want it to work again. Adapt your routines to the changes in your life, instead of trying to force your life to fit a routine.


Friday, August 26, 2005

how to deal with a Saturn Return

I found a great article on Saturn Survival Tips. Those who are going through a Saturn Return, and those born with the Sun in Leo, will find it the most helpful right now. The tip I would add is to look for the lesson in everything you experience. Don't worry about why certain things are happening. Put your energy on what you can do to create the life you want and trust that everything will work out.

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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Saturn Return in Leo

my chart
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My Saturn Return has officially begun. I thought I'd post my chart so everyone can see what Saturn is up to. Saturn is the most aspected planet in my chart. It makes an aspect to everything, except my Sun, and the aspects are mostly all positive. I'm very used to dealing with Saturn's energy in my life. The fact that Saturn is a part of my double grand trine seems to give me the motivation to make the most of the positive things in my life.

I've been thinking about responsibility lately and what this Saturn Return means for me. Being the typical daughter of an alcoholic mother, I tend to take on too much responsibility at times. I feel like my Saturn Return is going to help me to let go of my tendency to hold myself accountable for things that aren't my responsibility so I can have more energy for what I really want to create in my life. This Saturn Return, combined with the Pluto transit in Sagittarius, is really going to create a powerful transformation in my life. I've actually started a transformation journal to help make sure it happens. Working with the planets makes the process so much easier.

Saturn Return in Leo: Part 2

Saturn Return in Leo: Part 3

Saturn Return in Leo: Part 4

Saturn Return in Leo: Part 5

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Saturday, August 13, 2005

Astrology and Dream Interpretation: Part Three

(If you missed the first two parts of this series, check them out ~ Part One ~ Part Two)

Other things to keep in mind when using your astrological chart to interpret dreams:

Ruling Planets
Your ruling planets are the planets which rule your sun, moon, and ascendant signs. You'll want to pay attention to what's happening with these planets as their movements will be more immediate in your life and play a significant role in your dreams. You can find your ruling planets in the description for each sign.

I'm going to keep this as basic as possible as I don't want to overwhelm those who are new to this.

Look for the planets sharing signs of the same quality (fixed, cardinal, mutable), planets sharing signs of the same element (fire, earth, air, water), and planets sharing the same sign (I included links below where you can find more info about qualities, elements, and aspects). Pay particular attention to the aspects being made to your ruling planets. Aspects between planets are like conversations between people. Looking at the aspects in your chart will help you to see how planets are interacting in your life through your dreams.

Elements and Qualities

I think this will be the final part of the series, unless I can think of something else to write. When doing your interpretations, go as deep as you know how to and have fun with the process.

To conclude, I thought I'd include the link to the article that inspired me to start using my chart to interpret my dreams: In the Beginning Was the Dream


Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Astrology and Dream Interpretation: Part Two

In Part One, I wrote about how to create a chart for your dream. Now we can get to interpreting your dream and your chart.

When you look at the chart, the transitting planets will be on the outer ring and your natal planets will be on the inside. Start by looking at where your natal Sun is located in your chart (sign and house) and ask yourself how it may be showing up in your dream (I have included links to basic descriptions of the planets, signs, and houses below). Then do the same for your natal moon and your ascendant. Look to see if any transitting planets are making conjunctions to your Sun, Moon and your ascendant, and ask yourself how those planets are showing up in your dream. Feel free to move through the rest of the planets in your chart, looking at their sign and house position, and asking how they are showing up in your dream. The imagery of your dream will help to guide you through your interpretations and will help you make sense of your chart.

Here's an example of an interpretation I did of one of my dreams that will hopefully help to illustrate the process: Interfaith Meeting At McDonalds.

In the next part of this series, I will write about ruling planets and aspects.

helpful links~
The Planets
The Signs
The Houses

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Monday, August 08, 2005

astrology and dream interpretation

I thought I'd write a little series on how to use your astrological chart to interpret dreams. Feel free to ask questions along the way.

First, you will need to create a natal chart if you don't already have one. Go to's free chart page and click on the link for chart drawing, ascendant. Input your birth data (when, where, and what time you were born) and you will have your natal chart.

To generate a chart for your dream, go back to's chart page and click on extended chart selection. The type of chart you want is natal chart and transits. Select the placidus house system as it will be the same as the one used for your natal chart (if you know house systems use the one you prefer), put in the date of your dream and click to show the chart. This is the chart you will use to interpret your dream.

You don't have to create a new natal chart every time you want to create a chart for one of your dreams. As long as you use the same computer, should remember your info, so you can just generate a natal and transits chart for each dream.

Over the next few days, I will give some pointers on how to interpret your dreams using your chart.

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Friday, August 05, 2005

a retrograde report: part 2

Mercury retrogrades seem to equal clogged drains - at least for me. Last Saturday, I spent a couple of hours declogging the bathtub drain. No one needs to spend that much time bonding with their plunger. And during the December retrograde, the sink was clogged and while declogging it I managed to clog up the bathtub drain. ha.

If you have any household repairs you've been meaning to get to, this would be a good time to check them off your list. And make sure your drains are clear, too.

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