Monday, July 04, 2005

Saturn in Leo

On July 16th, Saturn will be moving into Leo. Saturn will be making sure Leos take responsibility for what they are creating in their lives and giving them the discipline they need to make their creative dreams happen. Saturn is only restrictive when you resist his lessons. Everything Saturn brings into your life will be empowering and result in greater freedom. So embrace the lessons that come your way instead of going into drama queen mode. Jupiter will give you fish. Saturn teaches you how to fish. If Leo is prominent in your chart, get ready to go fishing for the next couple of years. Saturn will move out of Leo in September 2007.

On a worldly level, Saturn will be holding leaders responsible for what their actions are creating in the world. While Saturn was in Cancer, people cared more about security and control. Now people will be more concerned about creative freedom and making sure our children are taken care of.

On a personal note, my natal Saturn is in Leo in the 9th house, so I will be going through my first Saturn return soon. Most people seem to dread their Saturn return, but I'm excited about it. Saturn taught me so much when he transitted my sun sign in 1998-2001. We shall see what happens.

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