Saturday, July 16, 2005

planets in retrograde

Three planets are currently in retrograde motion, soon to be joined by Mercury.

Pluto has been retrograde in Sagittarius since March 26th and will move forward on September 2nd. This is most affecting those with Sagittarius and/or Gemini prominent in their charts (I have both: my ascendant is Sagittarius and my moon is in Gemini. hurray?). This is an opportunity to catch up with the total transformation Pluto requires during his transits. Take some time to reflect upon your deepest fears and come up with ways you can overcome their hold on you.

Neptune went retrograde in Aquarius on May 19th and will move forward on October 26th. This most affects those with Aquarius and/or Leo prominent in their charts. This is an opportunity to look at where you need more boundaries in your life. Look at how you can take better care of your health and strengthen your immune system. I have a friend with Sun in Aquarius and Leo rising and she has been experiencing more computer viruses than usual so you might want to watch out for that as well.

Uranus went retrograde in Pisces on June 14th, moving forward on November 16th. This most affects those with Pisces and/or Virgo prominent in their charts. Expect surprises and sudden changes. Consider wearing a helmet (hee, I couldn't resist). Embrace your freedom and express what's on your mind. Look at what makes you feel restricted and where you censor yourself. Consider what you can do to remove these blocks in your life.

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