Wednesday, April 27, 2005

value and self-worth

I've been reading Houses of the Horoscope by Alan Oken. There's a section that, I feel, describes the lessons those with Taurus prominant in their charts need to work through:

"This is an individual who has come to earth to learn about the real values of life. Such values may take material or monetary form, but external financial considerations may also be a test - a veil which the Taurean has to pierce in order to understand his or her true self-worth."

I'm a sun sign Taurus. My sun is in the 6th house so I often find lessons of real values and true self-worth coming up in my work, as well as the practical details of life. I've been learning to not define myself by my work so much and that my value as a person doesn't come from my work. I've also been learning to not allow money (or anything else outside of me) to determine my level of self-worth.

If you have issues with self-worth, looking at where Taurus lands in your chart may help you to figure out what you need to work on/let go of.


Indecisive said...

What is going on right now that makes me so damn irritable? That's what I want to know...this is not good vibes for my lil bonsai tree I am growing!

Wendy said...

I sent you an email ;)

Indecisive said...

Thank you! I enjoyed reading it. It makes me feel better knowing my internal angry tornado inside me might be due to something other than hormones, haha.

Reema dsouza said...

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