Sunday, March 20, 2005


Over the past month, while the Sun was in Pisces, I kept thinking about faith. Faith is one of the most common qualities attributed to Pisces. Saying that people with Pisces, or Neptune, prominant in their charts have faith, oversimplifies what faith actually is.

When a person has no faith there is nothing but struggle and fear. The symbol associated with Pisces is of two fish tied together swimming in opposite directions. It illustrates what it is like to live without faith. Those two little fish can symbolize so many things that pull people in two different directions, like addictions, people pleasing, perfectionism etc. Without faith, life becomes a struggle to control the lies of your life and avoid the uncontrollable truth.

The Pisces/Neptune journey is one of understanding true faith. Many people possess a superficial faith made up of rationalizations and hope (aka blind faith). True faith is built on knowing. True faith involves letting go of everything you think you know to discover what it really means to know. True faith involves surrendering the struggle that pulls you in two and keeps you stuck where you are, so you can finally allow yourself to get somewhere real.

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