Saturday, January 29, 2005

the sun signs of Simpsons characters

For fun I came up with a list of Simpsons characters for the sun signs. Add to the list if you feel so inclined.

Aries - Bart
Taurus - Mindy
Gemini - Selma and Patty, Sherri and Terri
Cancer - Seymour Skinner
Leo - Rainier Wolfcastle
Virgo - Marge, Apu, Smithers
Libra - Edna Krabappel
Scorpio - Side Show Bob, Jacques
Sagittarius - Krusty
Capricorn - Mr. Burns
Aquarius - Crazy Cat Lady, Professor Frink
Pisces - Barney

For Lisa and Homer, I did sun signs, ascendants and moon signs:
Lisa - Sagittarius, Libra rising, Pisces Moon
Homer - Sagittarius, Taurus rising, Cancer Moon

**note** In one of the Halloween episodes, they reveal that Homer is a Taurus. (note added: Feb. 2nd, 2005)

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