Saturday, January 01, 2005

fashion designing and spies

This is the dream I had the other night: I was in a city street and I found a cell phone. There was a name on the screen. I recognized the name and realized I had to run. I tried to find a place to hide. I ended up in a building that had doors you could go in, but couldn't go back out. The building was like a maze and I kept encountering groups of spies. They looked like a combination of moles and a SWAT team with no weapons. So I was running around, trying to escape the spies and find a way out. The spies didn't seem to care about me, but I wanted to avoid them anyway. I ended up finding a way out onto this huge runway where the spies were converging. They were trying to prevent the take off of some planes. Since these planes (which were shaped like cars) could go straight up in the air, the spies couldn't do anything. They took off their masks and started to celebrate with the creators of the planes. I was then whisked away by the president of the company. He wanted to hire me as head of fashion design, or something like that. He showed me a gorgeous, huge office which would be mine. I would get chauffered to work in a limo. He showed me the manual - an altered book. I was excited, but had no idea what I was really supposed to do. I picked up the manual and found it had some practical instructions in the front. My first project was to cut out and glue things on sketches of designs.

Astrological interpretation: Right now, transitting Jupiter is conjunct my natal Pluto in Libra. That conjunction is sextiling transitting Venus, Mercury, Pluto and my natal Neptune in Sagittarius. Mercury is the cell phone. Pluto, the spies. Neptune is the maze. The fashion design job is Venus, Jupiter and Libra. The confusion I felt about the job is Neptune. Not sure about the planes - Mercury maybe?

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