Tuesday, December 27, 2005

your sun and ascendant signs

I've noticed that there is some confusion about what the ascendant sign means in a chart, especially in relation to the sun sign. The sun sign is sometimes said to be the sign that describes how you interact with the world, your outer self, and the ascendant sign represents the part of you that you only reveal to those closest to you, or your inner self. At other times, the sun sign is described as your inner self, and the ascendant represents your personality and appearance. I think the confusion comes from trying to simplify the explanation so it's easier for people to understand that they play different, but integrated, roles in a chart.

The sun sign really represents your known, conscious, core self. It represents what you know about yourself for sure and what you most easily connect with. If you were asked to define your self, you would end up describing your sun sign.

The ascendant sign represents what you are discovering about yourself, what is literally rising up within you. The ascendant is the point where what is unconscious (12th house) is becoming conscious (1st house). It represents what you are learning about what is possible for yourself in this life, what you are capable of, what holds you back etc. Chances are whenever a planet transits your ascendant sign you will experience a realization that will help you to create the life you really want.

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Saturday, December 10, 2005

Mars Retrograde Ends

Today, Mars moves forward in Taurus. There will be a feeling of renewed energy. It will feel easier to take action towards your goals now as the sense of running through jello will be gone.

On Dec. 28th, Mars in Taurus will square Saturn in Leo for the third time this year. The first square took place on July 31st, revealing the areas of our lives where we most needed to take responsibility for our actions and create necessary change. The second square took place on Nov. 19th, during Mars' retrograde motion, creating frustration and a feeling of powerlessness as our attempts to change were met with resistance and unexpected obstacles. On the 28th, the themes and issues these squares raised will be resolved in some way. The lesson of these squares between Mars and Saturn, I think, is that we are not always responsible for what happens to us, but we are responsible for what we allow to stop us.

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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

a Mercury Retrograde report

I don't know why, but for some reason my arch nemises during Mercury retrogrades lately are clogged drains. This time I thought I had them beat. I planned ahead. Ran some baking soda and vinegar down the drains in the bathroom to give them a nice cleansing flush. Mercury turned retrograde and the drains didn't clog. I had to deal with other Mercury retrograde annoyances, but I thought to myself, "Well, at least the drains didn't clog. In your face Mercury!"

Needless to say, the drains are clogged again. Drains: 3 Wendy: 0

Mercury moves direct on December 4th.

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Saturday, November 19, 2005

Scorpio and Power

Scorpio rules the three areas of life where people feel either the most powerful or the most powerless: death, sex, and money. The lesson that Scorpio offers us is how to discern between false and real power, between what can be taken away and what can't. The area of your chart where Scorpio falls is where you are the most susceptible to giving your power away. It is also where you will learn how to access your real power, allowing you to move beyond illusions and fears.


Saturday, November 12, 2005

Saturn Return in Leo: My Journey Part 3

05 chart
Originally uploaded by knowitall.
Right now, transitting Saturn is conjunct my natal Saturn and has moved into my ninth house. So it's only fitting that I've been taking a bunch of courses online. I've been studying Shakespeare's plays and Leonardo da Vinci. I'm going to be taking a class on Buddhism in January. With Sagittarius and Gemini so prominent in my chart I usually am studying a lot of things at once, but I tend to be scattered in my approach. I'm finding it easier to be disciplined and structured in my studies now. My energy feels more focused.

(for those who haven't read my previous posts here's the link to them: My Saturn Return in Leo)

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Saturday, November 05, 2005

Saturn Retrograde in Leo

From November 22nd until April 4th, 2006, Saturn will be retrograde in Leo. This period will give us an opportunity to review issues surrounding responsibility in our lives, with a focus on issues arising between August 18th and November 22nd. This is a fertile time to analyze what you have been creating in your life and clear out what has been standing in your way. Look at where you have either taken on shame, blame, guilt, or put it on others, and ask yourself what you can do to learn and grow in that area. Also, look at where you have stepped up in your life and what you can do to build upon your positive actions.

The retrograde will most influence those going through a Saturn return, those with Leo or Aquarius prominent in your chart, and those with planets at about 11 degrees in the fixed or fire signs.

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Saturday, October 29, 2005

Uranus in Pisces

On November 16th, Uranus will move direct in Pisces. It is now a great time to move forward with any changes you have been considering since June. Any actions you take now to create your dreams will be met with more unexpected synchronicities helping you along - a much welcome change from the unexpected obstacles of the retrograde. It will feel like possibilities are opening up and taking you down paths you never knew existed. It will now be easier to see what has been standing in the way of your freedom and to know what you need to do about it.

Those with Pisces and Virgo prominent in their charts will be feeling a stronger sense of who they are and increased personal freedom. Uranus is slowly working on both these signs, challenging them to no longer be ruled by people-pleasing and perfectionism.

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Saturday, October 22, 2005

Mercury Retrograde

The next Mercury Retrograde starts on November 14th and ends on December 3rd, and will move through both Sagittarius and Scorpio. The shadow period starts on October 25th. This is a good time to back-up files, repair things around the house (especially if you've been procrastinating on fixing something), and to stock up on things like fuses just in case. Also make sure you declog your drains, which is one Mercury retrograde lesson I learned the hard way.

For those who want more info on the Mercury retrograde, I found a great link where you can read about Mercury's transits through the houses.

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Saturday, October 15, 2005

fixed focus

There is a definite focus on the fixed signs now with Mars in Taurus for an extended stay thanks to the retrograde, Jupiter about to move into Scorpio for a year, Saturn in Leo for about two more years, and Neptune still hanging out in Aquarius. What this means is that there will be a lot of squares and oppositions made between these planets and to these planets from the quicker moving planets, along with the Sun and the Moon. These aspects will be felt most by those with planets at 4-15 degrees in the fixed signs on their natal charts and those going through a Saturn Return right now. Most of the squares and oppositions will only last a few days (in the case of the Moon, they may last only a few hours). They will cause some stress and frustration. Try to view them as an opportunity to correct your course so you can avoid bigger frustrations and obstacles. I recommend taking up something that will allow you to vent your frustration and/or relieve stress. Allow yourself to get as much sleep as you need right now - especially if you have Taurus prominent in your chart - as the Mars retrograde is sapping you of the energy you need. This is not a time to push yourself to do more. Move slower and more steadily so you can see any obstacles before they trip you up.

some upcoming aspects:
Oct.15th - Mercury in Scorpio square Saturn in Leo
Oct.18th - Mercury in Scorpio square Neptune in Aquarius
Nov.3rd - Sun in Scorpio square Saturn in Leo
Nov.7th - Sun in Scorpio square Neptune in Aquarius
Sun in Scorpio opposes Mars in Taurus
Mars in Taurus square Neptune in Aquarius
Nov.18th - Mars in Taurus square Saturn in Leo

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Saturday, October 08, 2005

Neptune in Aquarius

Neptune has been in retrograde motion in Aquarius since May 19th and is moving forward on October 26th. This means that you will likely gain new clarity about any issues that you are feeling foggy about - especially ones connected to the house Aquarius is in on your chart - and you will be able to see more clearly what you need to do to resolve any problems. It is also possible that feelings which remained unconscious during the retrograde will start to surface now. Pay attention to what comes up and give yourself time to decide if you need to act on, or let go of, what you're feeling. It will now be easier to discern which patterns in your life are holding you back and which ones are helping you achieve what you envision for yourself.

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Saturday, October 01, 2005

Jupiter in Scorpio

On October 26th, Jupiter will move into Scorpio. If you have Scorpio prominent in your chart, you will experience a year of increased opportunity and good fortune. Unlike Saturn, who expects us to earn our rewards, Jupiter gives generously as long as you are open to receiving - which isn't as easy as it may seem. It is up to you to dream bigger and say yes to the good that shows up in your life. In order to make the most of a Jupiter transit, challenge yourself to expand your ideas of what you believe is possible.

The house where Scorpio lands in your chart (even if you're not a Scorpio), is the area of your life that where you will want to work with Jupiter's benevolently expanding energies.

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Saturday, September 24, 2005

Libra and Balance

Librans need balance and are great at creating external order and beauty. They are peacemakers, who like to deal with conflict by hearing both sides and coming up with a compromise. They also like to avoid conflict to begin with by trying to control situations so that problems never arise. When Librans are trying to control a situation to create the balance they need, it means they are so focused on anticipating others' needs that they are forgetting themselves. The challenge for them is to create internal order and to seek the balance they need from within.

The position of Libra in your chart reveals the area of your life where you can turn to when you need balance. This is also the area where you will want to maintain a sense of balance so you won't be drawing on a dry well in times of need.


Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Saturn Return in Leo: My Journey

sept. 22nd chart
Originally uploaded by knowitall.
Since my last post about my Saturn Return, I reread The Artist's Way. I first did The Artist's Way when Saturn went through Taurus, my sun sign. What I realized while reading it again is that I need to let go of shame. I realized that I have taken on shame as a result of not knowing how to do things in many areas of my life. I also realized that the key to letting go of this shame is to simply give myself permission to learn at my own pace in all areas of my life. What I'm learning from this Saturn Return so far is to let go of the perfectionism I took up as a child as a way to cope and start to inhabit my life in a new way.

Feel free to share what you have learned, or are learning, from your Saturn Return.

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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

astrology and the tenth planet

The name for the tenth planet still has not been confirmed. There has been speculation surrounding both Lila and Xena as possible names, but according to Michael Brown neither of those names has been chosen.

For years, many astrologers have said that when a planet is discovered beyond Pluto it will be named PanHorus. Based on what I've been reading about the planet, it seems like there's a good chance that either Pan or Horus will be chosen as the name. Not sure if both names will be chosen, though. We shall see.

Meanwhile, astro.com has a provisional ephemeris up on their site for the tenth planet.


Friday, September 09, 2005

Mars Retrograde in Taurus

On October 1st, Mars will be going retrograde in Taurus, giving us a chance to review our actions. You will be able to reflect on any decisions you have made impulsively or out of anger and given an opportunity to correct your course.

The shadow period started on the 12th of August so pay attention to what you're now choosing. Check your anger and think through decisions as much as possible to avoid having them come back to haunt you.

During this retrograde period there will be an emphasis on taking responsibility for our actions, as Mars will be squaring Saturn. Mars squared Saturn at the end of July so expect to be revisiting issues, lessons, or events that were brought up then as well.

It'll be interesting to see how leaders are held accountable for their recent actions regarding Hurricane Katrina when Mars squares Saturn again.

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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Shadow Periods

Shadow periods are often talked about when a planet goes retrograde. I thought I'd explain them for those who don't know what they are.

There is a shadow period before and after each retrograde. The shadow period starts at the degree the planet will station direct after it goes through its retrograde motion. When the planet turns retrograde, the first shadow period is over. The next shadow period starts as soon as the planet turns direct and ends at the degree the retrograde motion started.

For example, let's say a planet will begin its retrograde motion at 22 degrees in Aries and and station direct at 5 degrees. When the planet first reaches 5 degrees, the shadow period has begun. At 22 degrees, the shadow period ends and retrograde begins. At 5 degrees, the retrograde ends and the next shadow period begins. When the planet reaches 22 degrees again, the shadow period is over.

Now for what the shadow periods mean. The shadow period before a retrograde will bring up issues you'll need to review during the retrograde. The shadow period after will show you the results of your review. This is where you'll find out if the course of action you choose will work out for you. And if you failed to deal with an issue, this is when it will come back up.

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Friday, September 02, 2005

Pluto and the New Moon

Pluto moves direct in Sagittarius today. Since March, Pluto has been working on helping us process what has been going on in our lives, peeling back the layers of fear, shame, anger, and pushing us to reach a turning point. Chances are, in the last few days, you've had a realization that will allow you to transform a situation you've felt stuck in. It is now time to take action to make sure that transformation happens. And with the New Moon in Virgo tomorrow, this is a powerful time to create big changes in your life. Over the next couple of days, make some time to think/write about, visualize and plan for what you really want to create in your life.

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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

virgo and routine

When the Sun enters Virgo, our routines shift. There's usually a return to an old routine, or the starting of a new one. We return to the business of life, refocusing our energies at school, work, and home. This is a good time to question our routines to make sure they are working for us.

Those with Virgo prominent in their charts, need to make sure they aren't going overboard with their routines. Don't expect yourself to stick to a way of doing things just because it used to work for you and you want it to work again. Adapt your routines to the changes in your life, instead of trying to force your life to fit a routine.


Friday, August 26, 2005

how to deal with a Saturn Return

I found a great article on Saturn Survival Tips. Those who are going through a Saturn Return, and those born with the Sun in Leo, will find it the most helpful right now. The tip I would add is to look for the lesson in everything you experience. Don't worry about why certain things are happening. Put your energy on what you can do to create the life you want and trust that everything will work out.

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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Saturn Return in Leo

my chart
Originally uploaded by knowitall.
My Saturn Return has officially begun. I thought I'd post my chart so everyone can see what Saturn is up to. Saturn is the most aspected planet in my chart. It makes an aspect to everything, except my Sun, and the aspects are mostly all positive. I'm very used to dealing with Saturn's energy in my life. The fact that Saturn is a part of my double grand trine seems to give me the motivation to make the most of the positive things in my life.

I've been thinking about responsibility lately and what this Saturn Return means for me. Being the typical daughter of an alcoholic mother, I tend to take on too much responsibility at times. I feel like my Saturn Return is going to help me to let go of my tendency to hold myself accountable for things that aren't my responsibility so I can have more energy for what I really want to create in my life. This Saturn Return, combined with the Pluto transit in Sagittarius, is really going to create a powerful transformation in my life. I've actually started a transformation journal to help make sure it happens. Working with the planets makes the process so much easier.

Saturn Return in Leo: Part 2

Saturn Return in Leo: Part 3

Saturn Return in Leo: Part 4

Saturn Return in Leo: Part 5

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Saturday, August 13, 2005

Astrology and Dream Interpretation: Part Three

(If you missed the first two parts of this series, check them out ~ Part One ~ Part Two)

Other things to keep in mind when using your astrological chart to interpret dreams:

Ruling Planets
Your ruling planets are the planets which rule your sun, moon, and ascendant signs. You'll want to pay attention to what's happening with these planets as their movements will be more immediate in your life and play a significant role in your dreams. You can find your ruling planets in the description for each sign.

I'm going to keep this as basic as possible as I don't want to overwhelm those who are new to this.

Look for the planets sharing signs of the same quality (fixed, cardinal, mutable), planets sharing signs of the same element (fire, earth, air, water), and planets sharing the same sign (I included links below where you can find more info about qualities, elements, and aspects). Pay particular attention to the aspects being made to your ruling planets. Aspects between planets are like conversations between people. Looking at the aspects in your chart will help you to see how planets are interacting in your life through your dreams.

Elements and Qualities

I think this will be the final part of the series, unless I can think of something else to write. When doing your interpretations, go as deep as you know how to and have fun with the process.

To conclude, I thought I'd include the link to the article that inspired me to start using my chart to interpret my dreams: In the Beginning Was the Dream


Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Astrology and Dream Interpretation: Part Two

In Part One, I wrote about how to create a chart for your dream. Now we can get to interpreting your dream and your chart.

When you look at the chart, the transitting planets will be on the outer ring and your natal planets will be on the inside. Start by looking at where your natal Sun is located in your chart (sign and house) and ask yourself how it may be showing up in your dream (I have included links to basic descriptions of the planets, signs, and houses below). Then do the same for your natal moon and your ascendant. Look to see if any transitting planets are making conjunctions to your Sun, Moon and your ascendant, and ask yourself how those planets are showing up in your dream. Feel free to move through the rest of the planets in your chart, looking at their sign and house position, and asking how they are showing up in your dream. The imagery of your dream will help to guide you through your interpretations and will help you make sense of your chart.

Here's an example of an interpretation I did of one of my dreams that will hopefully help to illustrate the process: Interfaith Meeting At McDonalds.

In the next part of this series, I will write about ruling planets and aspects.

helpful links~
The Planets
The Signs
The Houses

read Part Three of the series


Monday, August 08, 2005

astrology and dream interpretation

I thought I'd write a little series on how to use your astrological chart to interpret dreams. Feel free to ask questions along the way.

First, you will need to create a natal chart if you don't already have one. Go to astro.com's free chart page and click on the link for chart drawing, ascendant. Input your birth data (when, where, and what time you were born) and you will have your natal chart.

To generate a chart for your dream, go back to astro.com's chart page and click on extended chart selection. The type of chart you want is natal chart and transits. Select the placidus house system as it will be the same as the one used for your natal chart (if you know house systems use the one you prefer), put in the date of your dream and click to show the chart. This is the chart you will use to interpret your dream.

You don't have to create a new natal chart every time you want to create a chart for one of your dreams. As long as you use the same computer, astro.com should remember your info, so you can just generate a natal and transits chart for each dream.

Over the next few days, I will give some pointers on how to interpret your dreams using your chart.

read the rest of the series ~
Part Two
Part Three


Friday, August 05, 2005

a retrograde report: part 2

Mercury retrogrades seem to equal clogged drains - at least for me. Last Saturday, I spent a couple of hours declogging the bathtub drain. No one needs to spend that much time bonding with their plunger. And during the December retrograde, the sink was clogged and while declogging it I managed to clog up the bathtub drain. ha.

If you have any household repairs you've been meaning to get to, this would be a good time to check them off your list. And make sure your drains are clear, too.

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Sunday, July 31, 2005

10th planet

The discovery of a 10th planet has been announced by astronomers. It'll be interesting to see how this new discovery will play out astrologically, especially when a name is chosen for the planet. I think this planet will become the ruler of Taurus (replacing Venus, which currently rules both Taurus and Libra) and the next discovery to be confirmed a planet will take over rulership of Virgo (replacing Mercury, which currently rules both Virgo and Gemini). There is talk that Sedna should take over the rulership of Virgo, regardless of whether it's officially declared a planet or not. I feel the rulers of the signs need to be accepted as planets in order to be able to represent a significant archetype for our culture. The rulers of the signs need to capture our imaginations on a large scale.

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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

astrology links directory

I found another great astrology links directory where you can explore different approaches to astrology, as well as find links to astrological literature, research, and data. It's a wonderful resource for those who want to dig deeper and learn more about astrology.


Sunday, July 24, 2005

a retrograde report

On Friday, Mercury went retrograde in Leo. So far I am quite enjoying this retrograde period as things have slowed down and I am getting more done. A Mercury retrograde is often felt more intensely by those with Gemini and Virgo (the two signs ruled by Mercury) prominent in their charts. It can be more stressful for them, but it can also be a period of respite from their long to-do lists. Virgos try to do everything perfectly while Geminis just try to do everything, so a Mercury retrograde can give them the much needed break they won't give themselves.

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Thursday, July 21, 2005

creativity and Leo

In June, there seems to be a natural inclination to pause and reflect on how far we have come in our goals for the year, especially around the time of the summer solstice and when the Sun enters Cancer. When the sun moves into Leo, there is a pull to take action and create what we want in our lives. The fifth house, along with where Leo lies in our charts, indicates how to best use our creative energies.

The challenge for Leos is to avoid using their abundance of creative drive to create a facade. Leos are great at putting ideas into action. Sometimes they will fall in love with the idea of appearing a certain way to others so they put all their energy into making it real. They can also be self-centered, expecting everyone to be planets to their Sun. Transmute any self-centered tendencies into self-awareness. Feel free to think about yourself all you want, just be honest with yourself. Actually, don't just think about yourself, listen to yourself, so you can know what you most want to create in your life beyond looking good in the eyes of others.


Saturday, July 16, 2005

planets in retrograde

Three planets are currently in retrograde motion, soon to be joined by Mercury.

Pluto has been retrograde in Sagittarius since March 26th and will move forward on September 2nd. This is most affecting those with Sagittarius and/or Gemini prominent in their charts (I have both: my ascendant is Sagittarius and my moon is in Gemini. hurray?). This is an opportunity to catch up with the total transformation Pluto requires during his transits. Take some time to reflect upon your deepest fears and come up with ways you can overcome their hold on you.

Neptune went retrograde in Aquarius on May 19th and will move forward on October 26th. This most affects those with Aquarius and/or Leo prominent in their charts. This is an opportunity to look at where you need more boundaries in your life. Look at how you can take better care of your health and strengthen your immune system. I have a friend with Sun in Aquarius and Leo rising and she has been experiencing more computer viruses than usual so you might want to watch out for that as well.

Uranus went retrograde in Pisces on June 14th, moving forward on November 16th. This most affects those with Pisces and/or Virgo prominent in their charts. Expect surprises and sudden changes. Consider wearing a helmet (hee, I couldn't resist). Embrace your freedom and express what's on your mind. Look at what makes you feel restricted and where you censor yourself. Consider what you can do to remove these blocks in your life.

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Monday, July 11, 2005

Mercury Retrograde in Leo

Mercury will be going retrograde in Leo on July 22. This retrograde period will last until August 15. Since Mercury is going retrograde in Leo just after Saturn enters this sign, this is a good opportunity to reflect on how you are using your creative energy and what you want to create over the next two years. Consider how you can change your habits and daily routines so it's easier for you to create what you want. This is a chance to lay a foundation for dealing with the changes Saturn will be bringing into our lives.

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Thursday, July 07, 2005

Manawee and Gemini

One of the myths in Women Who Run With the Wolves is called Manawee. It is about a man, named Manawee, who is courting twins. He has to learn their names in order to marry them. He has a dog who tries to help out by eavesdropping on the sisters to learn their names. Several times he learns their names only to forget them as a result of distractions on the path back to his masters house. When it becomes urgent, the dog is able to focus on the task and Manawee gets his wives.

This myth can be associated to Gemini, not just because twins are present in it, but also because of the dog. I think that dog symbolizes the Gemini mind so well.


Monday, July 04, 2005

Saturn in Leo

On July 16th, Saturn will be moving into Leo. Saturn will be making sure Leos take responsibility for what they are creating in their lives and giving them the discipline they need to make their creative dreams happen. Saturn is only restrictive when you resist his lessons. Everything Saturn brings into your life will be empowering and result in greater freedom. So embrace the lessons that come your way instead of going into drama queen mode. Jupiter will give you fish. Saturn teaches you how to fish. If Leo is prominent in your chart, get ready to go fishing for the next couple of years. Saturn will move out of Leo in September 2007.

On a worldly level, Saturn will be holding leaders responsible for what their actions are creating in the world. While Saturn was in Cancer, people cared more about security and control. Now people will be more concerned about creative freedom and making sure our children are taken care of.

On a personal note, my natal Saturn is in Leo in the 9th house, so I will be going through my first Saturn return soon. Most people seem to dread their Saturn return, but I'm excited about it. Saturn taught me so much when he transitted my sun sign in 1998-2001. We shall see what happens.

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Wednesday, June 29, 2005


I recently discovered AstrologyChick's site. She has a great links section with loads of astrology sites to explore. It's really an astrology lovers playground.


Monday, June 27, 2005


Cancer is a cardinal sign. They like to lead and be in control. They have a genuine need to be in control. Of all the Cancerians I know, the ones who are the most satisfied with their lives have at least one area where they get to have most, if not all, of the control. That area serves as a retreat and gives their lives a sense of stability. In the same way that Taureans often need to be surrounded with valuable and beautiful things to feel a sense of worth, Cancerians need continuity in order to feel a sense of security. They need to have something in their lives that is dependable, that feels like a shell they can wear as protection. The need for control in Cancerians needs to be embraced and channelled in healthy ways, so they can avoid trying to control the people and situations, or looking to things outside of themselves for comfort.


Friday, June 10, 2005

the least aspected planet

The other day, I was checking out Ethereal Girl's blog. She posted a great link to a site about Transcendental Astrology,
where Robert Couteau explores the role of the least aspected planet in astrocartography. He incorporates Jungian symbolism in his planetary interpretations. It's an incredibly fascinating site. If I don't post for awhile, it'll be because I'm spending all my time reading it.


Wednesday, June 08, 2005


I was thinking about what Geminis most need to work on. As I thought about the Geminis I know, focus came to mind. Geminis have so much energy and are so enthusiastic about everything they're learning (which is everything). They will tell you about one project they are working on and, by the next time you see them, they will have already moved on to something else. Unless they have some sort of focus in their lives, their energy is often being wasted. Geminis will find their focus by looking at where Sagittarius lands in their chart. For example, if Gemini falls in the 5th house of your chart and Sagittarius is in the 11th, friends and groups will help you to focus your energy on creative projects.

Saturday, May 28, 2005

moving forward

Since February 2nd, Jupiter has been in retrograde, taking all his toys, silliness, and enthusiasm with him. On June 4th, he will finally be moving forward and bringing presents for everyone. The next week will be a good time to reflect on the lessons you've learned since February and consider if what you really believe in has changed or altered in any way.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Vasalisa and Virgo

I am still very slowly making my way through Women Who Run With the Wolves. I'm at the story of Vasalisa. It's clearly a Virgo myth. It relates an important lesson for those who have Virgo prominent in their charts and struggle with issues of perfectionism, people-pleasing etc: trusting your intuition instead of following others. You can be of service to others without losing yourself.

Susan Miller relates a similar myth to Virgo in her book Planets and Possibilities.

Saturday, April 30, 2005

haikus + astrology = magic

Jonathan Ball (registered fraud) writes a weekly column called haiku horoscopes. My favorite one this week is for Leo:

"Sure, Bigfoot’s in a
Video, but can he act?
I’ve heard that it’s forced"

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

value and self-worth

I've been reading Houses of the Horoscope by Alan Oken. There's a section that, I feel, describes the lessons those with Taurus prominant in their charts need to work through:

"This is an individual who has come to earth to learn about the real values of life. Such values may take material or monetary form, but external financial considerations may also be a test - a veil which the Taurean has to pierce in order to understand his or her true self-worth."

I'm a sun sign Taurus. My sun is in the 6th house so I often find lessons of real values and true self-worth coming up in my work, as well as the practical details of life. I've been learning to not define myself by my work so much and that my value as a person doesn't come from my work. I've also been learning to not allow money (or anything else outside of me) to determine my level of self-worth.

If you have issues with self-worth, looking at where Taurus lands in your chart may help you to figure out what you need to work on/let go of.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

the compatibility conundrum

Sometimes people seek out information about astrology to learn if they are compatible with certain people. The result is they often end up confused about astrology because of the conflicting answers they receive. The confusion is inevitable since their search doesn't delve any deeper than the sun sign level. And most the time they already know the answer they're looking for. So, if you're exploring astrology to find out *if* you are compatible with someone, don't waste your time (or money, in some cases). Ask yourself how you really feel and what you really want. Trust yourself. If you're exploring astrology to learn *how* to create better relationships with the people in your life and to learn more about others, as well as yourself, then, um, carry on. hee.

Tuesday, April 05, 2005


For me, whenever the Sun is in Aries it is a time to ponder new beginnings. It makes me wonder about the seeds I'd like to replant in my life and the new seeds I want/need to try out. From Pisces we gather the faith to begin again. Aries gives us the energy and courage to get started.

Sunday, March 20, 2005


Over the past month, while the Sun was in Pisces, I kept thinking about faith. Faith is one of the most common qualities attributed to Pisces. Saying that people with Pisces, or Neptune, prominant in their charts have faith, oversimplifies what faith actually is.

When a person has no faith there is nothing but struggle and fear. The symbol associated with Pisces is of two fish tied together swimming in opposite directions. It illustrates what it is like to live without faith. Those two little fish can symbolize so many things that pull people in two different directions, like addictions, people pleasing, perfectionism etc. Without faith, life becomes a struggle to control the lies of your life and avoid the uncontrollable truth.

The Pisces/Neptune journey is one of understanding true faith. Many people possess a superficial faith made up of rationalizations and hope (aka blind faith). True faith is built on knowing. True faith involves letting go of everything you think you know to discover what it really means to know. True faith involves surrendering the struggle that pulls you in two and keeps you stuck where you are, so you can finally allow yourself to get somewhere real.

Thursday, March 10, 2005

New Moon in Pisces

There's a New Moon in Pisces today, so think about what new things you would like to create in your life. Since the Moon is in Pisces, I'd recommend taking the time to really visualize, in as much detail as possible, what you want. This is a good time to discover and embrace the power of your imagination.

Also, try writing a New Moon Check, if you haven't already. And check out the Carrot Experiment.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

it's almost that time again...

Mercury will be going retrograde again soon. This retrograde period begins March 19, ends on April 12 and is happening in Aries. Chrissie Blaze has some great advice on how to make the most of this year's Mercury retrogrades.

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Pluto and Isis

"Pluto is named for a masculine Greek God a.k.a. Hades, whose name means "riches" according to A Guide To the Gods by Richard Carylon, "indicating the wealth of the earth in which Hades has his domain."  His consort is Peresphone and he is feared as the god of death, but also seen as the "generous god of wealth." His domain is thought of as being under the earth, but in reality it may simply be anywhere we experience our inner depths, the void, the place of transformation. These are the mysteries of Pluto originally associated with the feminine mysteries of death, regeneration and rebirth presided over by Scorpio and the dark goddesses, Isis, Selkit, Erishikegal, Kali, Pele, Hecate, Cerridwen, and Peresphone to name just a few. The planet Pluto rules the sign of Scorpio and has a strong dark goddess, sorceress, enchantress energy." ~ excerpted from an article on the Shamanic Astrology site (love that site!)

In WWRWTW, several myths are offered as parallels for the La Loba myth, and one of them is the myth of Osiris and Isis. As I am going through a Pluto transit, I feel such a strong pull towards and connection with Isis. The story of Isis really symbolically encompasses the journey Pluto takes you on. So if you want to work with Pluto reading up on Isis is one way to go. I highly recommend Isis and Osiris: Exploring the Goddess Myth by Jonathon Cott. And check out a short article on the Aspects of Isis.

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Wild Woman

I was reading the story of La Loba in Women Who Run With the Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Ph. D. last night. It so symbolically resonated with Pluto that it made me wonder if anyone has written about the wild women archetypes from an astrological perspective. So far I've found an article from 2001 on Venus Cycle in Aries by Carolyn Brent, which states in the first sentence: "The archetypal expression that most describes Venus in Aries is the Wild Woman." I have Venus in Aries, conjunct Mars. I feel like I need to warn people. hee.

I'll share more of my astrological persepective on the myths and stories as I go through this book, as well as any other articles I find.

Sunday, February 06, 2005

planetary hijinks

On Feb 3rd, Jupiter went retro in Libra and will move forward again in early June. This is a good time to focus on your relationship with yourself and where you need to grow. Look at which house Jupiter is in and ask yourself how you can stop limiting your growth in that area.

Venus also moved into Aquarius on the 3rd, reminding us that we can be loving without giving up any independence. Give of yourself; don't give up yourself. Venus will be in Aquarius until the 26th.

On Feb 6th, Mars moves into Capricorn and will be hanging out until March 20th. Mars gives energy to Capricorn's ambition so you'll feel more drive in the areas Capricorn covers in your chart. You might feel inclined to start a big project right now.

On the 7th, the Sun trines Jupiter creating lucky vibes, though they will be more subdued than usual since Jupiter is retrograde.

On the 8th, Mercury is conjunct Neptune. Communications will be odd.

The New Moon is on the 8th in Aquarius. Time to write yourself a New Moon check.

Sunday, January 30, 2005

an astrological coloring book

I have an old Llewellyn astrology calendar that I am keeping because the artwork is so beautiful. The artwork was done by Anne Marie Garrison and she happens to have a coloring book called Gods & Goddesses of the Zodiac that looks both beautiful and fun. I wish there were more coloring books like this.

Saturday, January 29, 2005

the sun signs of Simpsons characters

For fun I came up with a list of Simpsons characters for the sun signs. Add to the list if you feel so inclined.

Aries - Bart
Taurus - Mindy
Gemini - Selma and Patty, Sherri and Terri
Cancer - Seymour Skinner
Leo - Rainier Wolfcastle
Virgo - Marge, Apu, Smithers
Libra - Edna Krabappel
Scorpio - Side Show Bob, Jacques
Sagittarius - Krusty
Capricorn - Mr. Burns
Aquarius - Crazy Cat Lady, Professor Frink
Pisces - Barney

For Lisa and Homer, I did sun signs, ascendants and moon signs:
Lisa - Sagittarius, Libra rising, Pisces Moon
Homer - Sagittarius, Taurus rising, Cancer Moon

**note** In one of the Halloween episodes, they reveal that Homer is a Taurus. (note added: Feb. 2nd, 2005)

Saturday, January 08, 2005

the latest planetary gossip

On Jan. 9th, Venus is moving into Capricorn. Those with Capricorn prominent in their charts will be experiencing some loving vibes. Venus will be opposing Saturn, Capricorn's ruler, on the 27th. This could mean you may experience relationship difficulties. Your relationship could interfere with your work or vice versa. There's a good chance Saturn will be teaching you to take more responsibility in your love life.

On the 10th, Mercury will move into Capricorn as well. Straightforward and practical communication will be most effective until the 30th when Mercury moves into Aquarius. Then we can all let out our inner crazy cat ladies.

The New Moon is on the 10th too. Write down your New Moon goals - no more than 10 things you would like to manifest in your life. If you want to harness the energy of this Capricorn New Moon fully, make your goals practical and ambitious. You can also write yourself a New Moon abundance check.

Saturday, January 01, 2005

fashion designing and spies

This is the dream I had the other night: I was in a city street and I found a cell phone. There was a name on the screen. I recognized the name and realized I had to run. I tried to find a place to hide. I ended up in a building that had doors you could go in, but couldn't go back out. The building was like a maze and I kept encountering groups of spies. They looked like a combination of moles and a SWAT team with no weapons. So I was running around, trying to escape the spies and find a way out. The spies didn't seem to care about me, but I wanted to avoid them anyway. I ended up finding a way out onto this huge runway where the spies were converging. They were trying to prevent the take off of some planes. Since these planes (which were shaped like cars) could go straight up in the air, the spies couldn't do anything. They took off their masks and started to celebrate with the creators of the planes. I was then whisked away by the president of the company. He wanted to hire me as head of fashion design, or something like that. He showed me a gorgeous, huge office which would be mine. I would get chauffered to work in a limo. He showed me the manual - an altered book. I was excited, but had no idea what I was really supposed to do. I picked up the manual and found it had some practical instructions in the front. My first project was to cut out and glue things on sketches of designs.

Astrological interpretation: Right now, transitting Jupiter is conjunct my natal Pluto in Libra. That conjunction is sextiling transitting Venus, Mercury, Pluto and my natal Neptune in Sagittarius. Mercury is the cell phone. Pluto, the spies. Neptune is the maze. The fashion design job is Venus, Jupiter and Libra. The confusion I felt about the job is Neptune. Not sure about the planes - Mercury maybe?