Monday, October 04, 2004

interfaith meeting at McDonalds

Last night, I dreamt that I was at McDonalds and was invited to join an interfaith meeting that happened to be there. The leader of the group was a friendly, large black man. I tried to sit down in one chair, but there was something wrong with it so I moved to another. Then we talked about Buddhism and Wicca.

In my chart, transitting Pluto is conjunct my ascendant and natal Neptune in Sagittarius which is opposed to the transitting Moon in Gemini that conjuncts my Natal Moon and Jupiter. The seat switching in my dream is the Moon in Gemini. The leader of the group seemed like a combination of Jupiter and Pluto ~ he symbolized the benevolent unknown to me, because he was friendly and a stranger ~ so clearly the opposition is bringing out the best in each planet in me. The interfaith meeting is Neptune in Sagittarius. McDonalds is Jupiter, the planet of expansion, of course.

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